Friday, October 11, 2013

Lock & Key Lite Spoiler Time!

It's Friday, already! Here at Club Scrap we are hard at work, preparing for Tuesday's Lite Kit shipping day. We're already enjoying the gorgeous prints and papers, fun cutaparts, goodies, and a really BIG cool stencil! I don't want to totally spoil the surprise for those of you getting your shipment next week; however, here are a few snapshots of what we've been working on - I hope you like them!!

If you want to know more about the Lite Membership, check this out!

Enjoy Lock & Key Lite and have a great weekend!

Kay here at Club Scrap


  1. Yeah, I've seen the art for that stencil and I definitely need one of those! Thanks for the peek, Kay!

  2. Awesome mask - this will be fun!!

  3. Ya, the stencil totally rocks! It's a fun one for sure.

  4. Awesome stencil! Thanks for the sneak peeks, Kay.


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