Friday, October 18, 2013

More Baby Wipe Action

Having yet more fun with Club Scrap Projects & baby wipes!

Hopes Musical Hope Chest Project
We are all busy work-shopping and such at the Club Scrap Retreat this weekend, but I still wanted to share what I crafted earlier this week! Karen started it with last Monday's Inky Technique and Challenge, now it seems we've all been enjoying showing our baby wipe usage in crafting lately. So I've jumped on board with that it seems.

I do like how handy baby wipes are for applying acrylic paint onto my Club Stamp Projects! For this Hopes Musical Hope Chest Components Kit, I wrapped the box with plain old copy paper, then added acrylic paint using..of course..a baby wipe.

Start with wrapping the project with copy paper.

Add acrylic paint by rubbing it on using a baby wipe. The moisture in the baby wipe helps the paint spread easily. 

Follow up by using Club Scrap Stencils. Again use a baby wipe to apply the acrylic paint.

Hoping you'll give this a try if you haven't already!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kay here at Club Scrap


  1. Okay, isn't using the baby wipes so much fun!!! Love how your project turned out Kay and those colors are so pretty. I have been experimenting with some other things using baby wipes and can't wait to share. ;) But it will have to be after RIAB ships... hint hint...

  2. Love this, painting is always a little intimidating to me so I like this idea a lot better.

  3. I like how the baby wipes soften the paint- both the base and the stencils. Gotta give this a try!

  4. I wouldn't have thought to use the baby wipes with acrylic paint but I like the look. Very nice!

  5. Love how the baby wipe spreads that paint - much softer look .

  6. The wipes do a nice job spreading the paint. With the moisture in the wipe, it spreads the paint easily and is rather forgiving, you can wipe away color for a lighter more chalky look when still damp, so easy to play with the look before it dries.


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