Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New 12x12" Stencil in Lock & Key Lite!

Happy Tuesdee! It's Lock & Key Lite Shipping Day!

This stencil is sort of a "big" deal. Twelve inches of glorious creative potential--yum. It has been exciting to watch fresh enthusiasm for stencils making its way through the paper crafting industry. After manufacturing stencils every month since 1999, I happen to have quite a few of them available for lovin'.

That makes about 172 monthly stencils? Really? Wow.

Kay reviewed some lovely misting techniques in the latest edition of the Scrap Rap, so I decided to have some playtime with Gelatos by Faber-Castell.

Protect your work surface and thoroughly mist the stencil with water. 

Pick a color scheme of Gelatos or watercolor crayons and color the stencil. (No need to color the openings of the stencil.) If nothing is happening as you color, add water.

Press paper panels onto the colored stencil, and burnish to make good contact on the entire surface.

Re-mist the stencil between each impression. End with a full misting of water, and press a 12x12 sheet of paper onto the stencil. Use a brayer to burnish the paper onto the stencil.

And heck, with all of the baby wiping going on around here, I figured I'd use them, too. Carefully lift the stencil from the craft sheet, and clean the craft sheet (not the stencil). Place a 12x12 White Plain onto the craft sheet, and top with the stencil. Use a baby wipe to clean the stencil, moving any remaining color onto the paper. It creates a lovely pastel impression, don't you think?

Look at all of the art panels I created with just one "coloring effort"! Go, Gelatos!

Off to make some fun cards and layouts after the paper dries. Stay tuned for my finished artwork.

Oh, and a reminder--if you are a member of Club Scrap Lite, this stencil is included right in your Lock & Key shipment leaving the warehouse today! Not a member? We can fix that!

Have a crafty, stencily, baby wipey kind of day!


  1. Okay, that is the coolest Mask ever!!! And love all the fun misting techniques, especially using gelatos! FUN!

  2. I love the size! I guess I'll have to buy it..

  3. Had to have it! Already been to GHM!!

  4. So glad I get lite! This stencil looks like fun!

  5. Wow love the full sheet wipe one the most. I feel the need to count my stencils tonight...ok go!!

  6. Beautiful
    love that stencil and what you did with it.

  7. I just ordered the Lite kit - have to wait a while to get it - but am going to try your technique as soon as I get it!! I really like the look of the "wipe" technique - very pretty.

  8. hope you are bringing a big batch of these to the Retreat Pro Shop! I'm gonna need me one!

  9. WOW!!! And I subscribe to Lite so I am Golden! Can't wait to play with it. Genius!

  10. How fun! Can't wait to get this stencil and play with sprays, inks, and gelatos. Thanks, CS!


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