Thursday, October 24, 2013

Retreat Memories, Digital Style!

Happy Thursday!

So Retreat is over for another year. This is such a bittersweet week for me - happy to be back home, but sad that I had to leave my Wisconsin family. Fortunately, I have lots of memories from both August and October this year. Both weekends were fantastic - I had the time of my life there this year!

I really wanted to share some photos and I was really tempted to use the 2013 Digital Retreat Kit, but it’s still a bit early - after all, Retreat in a Box is just shipping today - that would really be too much of a spoiler!

So, I did the next best thing - I used last year’s retreat kit and scrapped some non-spoiler photos from this year (okay, maybe I used a photo from last year, too - but hey, it’s from retreat, so it’s fair game as far as I’m concerned!
Wednesday Night Wine Tasting
Me & my pal, Tricia!
Good friends (and a little silliness)!
So think of this as a semi-spoiler and keep your eyes peeled for more spoilers in the coming days  - maybe I’ll show you some layouts with the 2013 retreat kit next week! I know, I can be such a tease!

Oh and if you haven’t ordered the Retreat in a Box yet, you might wanna take this opportunity to do so - the projects, gifties, etc. are really cool - just sayin’ (and it won't be around for much longer!).

Until next week, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Ron truly fun and fond memories for sure!

  2. Ron,great pages and the fun is just popping oiff the screen!

  3. wish I could have been there. (im)patiently awaiting my RIAB

  4. As always Ron, love your pages...and the memories they hold!

  5. oh my. what are karen and zwick doing to you, exactly?


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