Monday, April 28, 2014

From The Hydrangeas Gallery

This Hydrangeas two-page layout really gets me in the mood for spring flower planting!

Hydrangeas CS White Print, Purple Plain and Embellishment Pack Cutaparts
Artwork from the Embellishment Pack Cutapart

I love the look of the individual words trimmed from the printed cutapart. You can also do this with the stamp image from the Hydrangeas Borders & Backgrounds UM sheet.

A closer look . . .

Trim the cutapart into individual words:

Attach to the page with adhesive.

Next up, the card below features masking and stamping around the large image from the Collection UMs, and the quote from the Borders & Backgrounds UMs. The angle of the foreground image creates a fun look.

I love this sentiment from the Greeting UM for inside the card!

The text weight quad Club Stamp Print is always fun and easy to use. I made a little flower wrap for a handmade bouquet with this month's print.

Follow these easy steps to create the flower wrap:

1. Cut the CST print into 2x2" squares.

2. Rotate the paper so it's a diamond instead of a square and fold in both outside corners.

3. Bend back the corner for added interest and tie waxed linen thread around the cone-shaped wrap.

4. Attach to a card panel, and fill with Green hand-cut stems and Purple punched flowers. Use foam squares to attach flowers for added dimension. Finish with self-adhesive purple pearls from the Embellishment Pack.

Thanks for taking this springy walk through these fun Hydrangeas projects!
Kay at Club Scrap


  1. You had me at punched flowers! Love the tiny little origami cone. Such a sweet accent on the card. The layout is adorable, time flies.

  2. The little flower cone on the card is so clever. Of course the layouts are great, too, especially when they feature Marilee's sweet face! So many details to delight the eye!

  3. cute layouts and love the ideas you always bring

  4. Beautiful layout and love your card of flowers, Kay.

  5. These are all wonderful ideas Kay! I love the angles you used on the masked card - very clever!

  6. great ideas as always!! You are a Superstar!!


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