Friday, April 4, 2014

Hydrangeas--Doily Details

We included some fun paper doilies as a goodie in the Greetings to Go pack this month. Think of them as little blank canvases awaiting your creative touch. Need a few ideas? Read on!

Doily Rosette

Use scissors to trim center from doily.
Starting at one end, carefully accordion fold to create pleats.
Glue ends together.
Adhere rosette to diecut circle tag with Bookbinding Glue.
Use ink applicator and Amethyst ink to highlight edges.
Add diecut circle tag and coordinating button tied with waxed thread.
By the way, see the sentiment above? I really AM that person. Just sayin'.

Doily Flower Cone
Use scissors to cut from edge of doily to center point.
Starting from center, carefully wrap doily around itself to create a cone shape.
Continue to wrap at an angle to form layers, until end is reached.
Glue and pinch end to seal. Ink bottom edge and add ribbon if desired.

Doily Mask
Apply acrylic paint to panel using the edge of doily as a mask.
Lift edge to reveal unique design. Repeat if desired.

Painted Doily
Paint remaining surface of doily mask (from above) with acrylic paint.
Trim into sections and adhere to front of card.
Inspired? You can pick up more doilies in our online store. Have fun!

Have a creative day!


  1. OH Karen, just love the tutorial for the different ways to use the doilies. They are just darling and the way the ones used as a mask then become the artwork on the final card, GENIUS!

  2. Great use of these cute doilies....they are fun to play with. I also fit that sentient to a "t"....

    1. I think you might be the first (and only?) person to catch that, Diana! ;0)

  3. Love these techniques! Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the cards, great way to dress them up

  5. My mother could grow silk flowers - wish I had her green thumb. Thanks for sharing these techniques

  6. Beautiful doilies and great technique. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Love the plant-killer sentiment. I am that person, too.

  8. Yeah! I had suggested doilies and here they are :) So many cute techniques.


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