Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hydrangeas Pages and Greetings to Go

I consider myself quite blessed to have sixteen feet of space to plan out the fourteen pages for our monthly collections. The whole process takes a few days, and it really gives me the chance to experience the potential of a kit. Get your hands on Hydrangeas and tap that potential!

Once I'm finished getting it all figured out, I try to make sense of all of my notes and sketches. Then I set out to write the instructions.

Here are the pages . . .

Use a craft knife to cut a slot in the White Print to accommodate the photo mattes.

The colorful pieces on these pages will arrive as a white raised print. You get to be the designer!

The die cut frames in this collection go a long way to embellish the pages. I love how they all nest together.

Cut slots into the printed border on the left side and slide the cutaparts beneath.

The Metallic Purple Pearls make swift work of finishing things up with a little flair.

The green wired ribbon that comes in the embellishment pack is a beauty!
(But Deb says it was really a pain to trim and insert into the collection, poor thing.)

The yellow tulle ties easily into a bow without the intervention
of a fork or some sort of other piece of bow-making equipment.
Deb liked it, too.

Next up, the fifteen Greetings to Go Cards.

There are endless possibilities for the fun doilies we added. Paint them, make rosettes, ink them, use 'em as stencils . . . 

When was the last time you used a postage stamp scissors? See if you can dig one up.

I had a lot of fun with a faux stitched card inspired by Marya's awesome blog

If you'd like more information about how I created the cards, be sure to download the Greetings to Go Instructions.

Keep a close eye on the blog for the Hydrangeas Stitch Bound Book Project instructions coming soon!


  1. Cool tips for this kit! I would never think to cut slots in the paper for photo mats or tags. And doilies! I miss getting a paper kit sometimes...

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Loving everything about the ALSB'd pages Tricia, you are just awesome!
    And these cards BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Beautiful, with the stunning details, wonderful set of pages and cards!

  4. I knew this post today would push me over the edge and I'm definitely adding this kit to my order. Plus stamps. And more stamps.

    And TRICIA!!! I'm in LOVE with your faux stitching. It looks just as good as the "real thing" and less time consuming. You may have converted me to just go faux from now on :)

    Can't wait to get this with my Lite kit!

    1. Yes, go faux! I think it was the paper piercing tool and white gel pen combo that really worked. I used my grid ruler/cork board/piercing tool to pierce every 1/8". I was done "stitching" lickety split.

  5. I had no idea but of course you would need a long space in order to layout the month's pages!!! Can't wait to get the hydrangeas kit! It looks absolutely beautiful. I imagine it gets easier after you have written many instructions, but I never thought of it. That would be my least favorite part of setting up a kit. Otherwise, I would just love, love, love the design of the pages!!! You are awesome, Tricia!!!

    1. Yes, it certainly is a process, and there are no short cuts. But having done it for years does help a bit!

  6. Gorgeous kit. Tricia, thanks for the insights on development of the wonderful LOs and cards!

  7. Love the wonderful ideas shared, really kicked everything up a notch or two.

  8. I hope there are more detailed instructions for the doily than "fanfold" on the first page of GTG for the less inspired like me who depend on the ALSB & GTG for a [figurative] kick start. My slightly less figurative one, coffee, should be effective about now, get-the-garbage-out-before-7am-EDT-Thursday.
    Can't wait: Today is PB delivery day! So, of course, April showers are predicted.

    1. Yes, do not fear . . . I will give more details on those doilies in an upcoming blog entry. But if you can't wait to get started, simply cut a straight line through the decorative rim of the doily, and cut around the inner edge to remove the plain center circle completely. You'll then have a ring with an open center. Make pleats with the decorative ring of the doily, form into a circular shape, and attach to a circle. (There are die cut circles in the CS kit.) Cover the inner portion of the pleated doily with another circle.

    2. See Friday's blog post:


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