Monday, June 23, 2014

New Formulas for Picnic Papers

Make the most of your 12-pack of Picnic Club Stamp papers with these clever cutting instructions. You'll end up with fifteen standard-sized (A2) cards.

We'll begin with the left brain activities:

1. Score one 8.5x11 Light Pink, one Dark Green, one Dark Pink, two Dark Blue Plains and two White Prints vertically at 4.25". Cut horizontally at 5.5". Fold each 5.5x8.5 horizontally on the scoreline to make a total of fourteen card bases.

2. Trim one 8.5x11 White Text Print (with four designs) vertically at 4.5 and 4". Cut each 4x11 horizontally at 5.75 and 5.25".

3. Stack the four text weight art panels and use a grid ruler and craft knife to cut them into four triangular pieces. Use a trimmer if you do not feel comfortable with a craft knife. The measurements provided are flexible, but I figured you'd want to know the ones I used.

The four triangular pieces will be interchanged and fitted together on a card base.
4. Trim one 8.5x11 Text Weight Print vertically at 4.25". Cut each 4.25x11 horizontally at 6.75 and 4.25". Use a 1" circle punch to create 16 circles from the middle section of the print. If you do not have a 1" circle punch, simply make 1" squares.

The 16 circles will be placed on a card in a grid pattern.
5. Cut one 8.5x11 Light Pink Plain horizontally at 10.5, 8 and 5". Trim the 5x8.5 horizontally at 7, 5.5, 4, and 2.5". Cut the 2.5x5 horizontally at 2.5". Trim the 3x8.5 horizontally at 4.25". Trim the 2.5x8.5 horizontally at 8, 6, 4 and 2". Cut the .5x8.5 horizontally at 4.25".

6. Trim the 8.5x11 Dark Green Plain vertically at 6.5 and 4.25". Score and fold the 4.25x11 horizontally at 5.5" to make a card base. Trim the 2.25x11 horizontally at 10.5 and 5.25". Cut the 2x11 horizontally at 8.25, 5.5 and 2.75".

7. Prior to trimming the 8.5x11 Dark Pink Plain, score vertically and horizontally every half inch to create a grid pattern. Slide a silver or white ink pad over the raised scorelines to enhance the texture. Trim horizontally at 10.75 and 5.5". Cut the 5.5x8.5 horizontally at 8, 6, 4 and 2". Trim the 5.25x8.5 horizontally at 8 and 4".

The raised scorelines look cool when inked with silver.

8. Fold the (4) 4.25x4.25 pieces from the White Text Print into hearts by following standard origami instructions found HERE. TIP: Trim a 4.25" square of text weight scrap paper and practice until you've figured it out. The first one can be tricky, but it's easy after the first try.

The pattern paper hearts are so cute!
9. The right side of your brain gets a turn!

Trim apart the row of four watermelon stamps, and just use two.

Use a fine tipped black pen to free-hand a double border around the panel.
Add a border around the outside edge of the Dark Blue card base with a white gel pen.
Attach the greeting vertically or horizontally.
TIP: Avoid touching the corner of the sentiment with an angle on the card. (Tangent.) 

OK, that ric rac is adorable . . .
. . . especially with a row of ants.
The narrow sentiment came from the Fire & Ice UM Greeting.
I think that's some pretty great mileage out of just twelve sheets of paper, don't you?

Happy Cardmaking!


  1. Great - I love it when you have more cards than sheets of paper used!!! TFS - these are super fun!!

  2. Tricia, what fun cards! Love that you have all those little prints to play with using the circle punch.
    And the criss cross cut cards are so much fun!! Love them all! And thanks for the cutting instructions, makes life so easy! You Rock!

  3. I clicked on the folding diagram and printed it at 100% LANDSCAPE, much easier to read. Thank you, Tricia! Bee

  4. Great cards...criss-cross cards are are my favorite though. Such a fun design!


  5. Such a super cute print!! Adorable cards as always, thanks for going the extra mile in creating fun things to do with the papers in the Stamp Kit!

  6. Tricia, you've really outdone yourself with these ALCM formulas. Every card is so new and refreshing. I can't wait to give this a try.

    1. Thanks, Arlene! I really had fun putting this set together!

  7. These are so awesome! I love all of the different techniques you incorporated. This is a keeper for sure . . . can't wait to try it with other papers!

  8. What a fun set of cards! Thanks for creating the instructions and diagrams--it's great to take a stack of papers, add easy-to-follow instructions, and end up with a collection of cards worthy of so many special occasions. I've already pinned the pics of the finished cards. Can't wait to make them myself!

  9. Tricia -- thanks for the great ideas -- especially using triangles which reminded me of my favorite quiltts and the folded heart. I'm looking forward to making these cards. Now I have to determine who will really appreciate them!

    1. You could always join our monthly birthday card swap, Regina. Our recipients ALWAYS appreciate beautifully crafted handmade cards! (Hint-hint.)

  10. Wonderful cards,love the origami heart!
    Another great formula to save.

  11. Great variety! PDF downloaded and saved. I'll be looking for some Picnic in the Pro Shop in August, okay? Thanks for these fun cards.
    Beth M

  12. Love the cards and thanks for the cutting guide

  13. I can't begin to tell you how much I love these formulas, Tricia. After your paper, the page and card formulas are the best thing about Club Scrap. They make it so easy for me to use up my supplies, make nice things and be able to buy more without guilt. Whoohoo!

    1. Favorite moment of the day: Reading this comment! Thank you, Pam!

  14. I love the idea of getting the most bang for my buck. The heart is my favorite. I am going to integrate it into my logo for my business - Creative Hearts Design. Thank you.


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