Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day approaching quickly, it was time to put my thinking cap on! I scoured Pinterest and found a candy-filled mason jar. Since my hubby loves M&M's, I decided to load up a jar for him and make a custom neck tie with my new Picnic kit.

Here is how it all came together.

For the Tie:

1. Follow the step-by-step tutorial here to create a wax paper resist with the embossing folder included in your kit. (Run the wax paper through the machine twice, rotating the paper to create a cross hatch effect.)

2. Rub ink directly onto to the glossy papers to reveal the resist. This is my favorite part . . . MAGIC!

Apply Fuschia hybrid ink with a sponge applicator.
Wipe off ink with dry cloth to reveal wax resist.
Apply ink directly from the Lagoon hybrid ink pad.
Wipe away ink with dry cloth to reveal wax resist.
For the Mason Jar Assembly:

1. Download Christy's template for the collar and tie. Trace the collar template onto the back of the dark green Picnic paper and the tie shape onto the back of the blue wax paper resist paper. Cut out the shapes. * Note: Small mason jars work best for this project. I used a larger size jar and needed to add a bit of paper to the collar piece as it wouldn't fit around the circumference of the jar.

2. Attach the tie to the Dark Green shirt collar and wrap around the jar; secure with your favorite adhesive.

Ink the edges of the collar and tie for added dimension.
3. Use the Picnic Digital Kit with your photo editing software program of choice to create a lid topper.

4. Print the image on matte photo paper and cut a circled sized to fit the lid of the mason jar.

I just love the Picnic digital font! 

Additional card idea:

I was inspired by this fun card from the Splitcoast Stampers gallery. 
Follow these steps to create the card:

1. Use a 1.25x6” piece of from the wax resist technique to create a bow with an Envelope Punch Board and the steps found HERE.

The center of the bow tie measured .25x1" and I inked the edges of both the center and the bow tie. 
2. Layer the dark pink and dark blue papers onto a white card base. To create the collars, mark the center of each piece of paper and then cut a slit. The slit in the blue shirt is slightly shorter than the slit in the pink sweater. Fold the collars over at similar angles.

I just love the texture of the dark pink paper. 
3. Adhere two buttons from your stash to the pink sweater. Tip: Create faux thread by cutting a very thin strip of white paper and thread it through the buttons.

What are your Father's Day gifting ideas?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!



  1. That jar is so stinkin' cute! I love the topper but that tie is darling! I've made shirt cards with ties but never thought of adding one to a jar :)


  2. Julie, these ties are adorable! So cute!

  3. Ok, my favoritest part of this blog entry was the idea to run the embossing folder through in two different directions! Duh and woot! I LOVE that crosshatch idea!!!!!

  4. Oh Julie, can you get any more brilliant and crafty!?!? So cute!

  5. Super fun idea, Julie! And so well executed. This new kit is so inspiring.

  6. Cute! Great gift for my husband who loves candy. That and a golf game would make his Father's Day perfect.

  7. Julie -- you always have such creative ideas -- especially using the wax paper resist with our CS embossing folders. Thanks for sharing.


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