Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Round the Corner with Gel Printing

My granddaughter and I played with gel printing plates for about four hours on a Sunday afternoon. We had a blast. (It looks like Julie and I both had the same creative inspiration this week!)

I was using the 8" round plate from Gelli Arts and was printing onto 8.5x11 white plain paper with great results. McKenna was using the 6" plate and made several dozen tags which she added to greeting cards. I didn't get photos of her beautiful projects--duh!

I took the stack of round images and simply cut each sheet into four panels measuring 3.75x5". Each panel had a fourth of the "pie" and allowed some open space for stamped images and greetings.

Appropriate for our 15th anniversary . . . I went back a few years with my stamp selections.
Stamped images react differently on an acrylic paint base; heat set to dry.
As a whole, the printed image was cool, but I love it even more as a partial element on each card.
I enjoyed choosing a color-coordinating panel for each finished piece of art.
See how that bird is on top of the world?
I thought the green texture resembled a watermelon. Perfect for those Picnic stamps!
The black ink looks great on the colored background, but the watercolored flowers add so much!
I curved the "ants" image on the mounting block before stamping.
Stamps can be used to remove paint from the plate before creating the print. Be sure to clean the stamp immediately.
Celebrate fifteen years of Club Scrap artwork, and take some time to stamp images from older collections in your stash. There's a treasure trove of fun to be had!



  1. Well how fun is this! Great minds think alike Tricia. You both did a fantastic job!!
    I absolutely love how the round gelli plate mimics the look of an actual watermelon, what fun!

  2. That looks like great fun - and the cards are fabulous.
    And you look way too young to be a grandmother.
    Your granddaughter is lucky to have such a beautiful, creative and loving grandma!

  3. Your cards came out beautiful once again, Tricia. I love the cards with the flowers. I think those are my favorite.

  4. Love this technique and the use of the various stamps

  5. Anyone would be tickled to receive the artwork on these greeting cards! Thank you Tricia for creating Club Scrap fifteen years ago so we have these awesome stamps and supplies to work with!!

  6. What a fun idea to make use of the round gelli plate!
    Super fun cards,Tricia.

  7. Great cards, Tricia! So appropriate for me to take a break from cutting my CS stamps and applying Mount It to them and then check out your blog post to only find more reasons to use my stamps! So many wonderful stamps received from CS over the years and looking forward to receiving more. Thanks, Tricia and the rest of the team, for over a decade of great products!!!

  8. Wow, you were busy, Tricia! So many great ideas and examples. I love coming here to get inspired. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE pulling out my old stamps to remind myself why I bought them in the first place.

  9. thank God you still love doing all the arts and craft
    and that is our reward - thanks

  10. Wonderful! What fun and beautiful cards. Great memories with family too

  11. Thanks Tricia!! Love the ants walking around - the orange and yellow prints are summery too!

  12. love the sets all different but go together

  13. I love all the gel printing. I got the round gelli and haven't used it...these cards are the inspiration needed to start printing!! Pictures of the process required next time!!! Granddaughters are such fun.


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