Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cinema Pages and Greetings to Go

My top favorite monthly task is creating the double page spreads with our Club Scrap collection. I put on my headphones, tune out the rest of the world, and spread out the entire kit. I settle into a creative zone and don't stop until nearly every single element finds a happy home. The Cinema kit fell into place like a great movie with a happy ending!

Layout 1&2
My favorite stamp of the collection next to a strip of the Film Strip Washi Tape.
When you don't want to cover something up, cut around it!
Layout 3&4
Cut a "v" into the ends of three lengths of velvet ribbon and staple to a cutapart.
Layout 5&6
The 12" paper featured on the layout counts down from 7-4, and the cutapart finishes with 3-2-1. So clever! Oh, and more washi tape above and below . . . everything!

Layout 7&8
Stamp the projector image from the Collection UM with White Pigment or metallic silver ink onto the smooth Black plain.
The black satin ribbon woven with silver threads in that cool pattern was a cool, cinematic find.
Layout 9&10
I had a hard time covering the vintage tickets featured on the 12x12 Aqua Print. But I had to.
Layout 11&12
This anchoring border was created with a Wine strip for the base, two lengths of washi tape, and three lengths of thin gold decorative tape, all included in the collection.
Layout 13&14
One of my favorite cutaparts in this set.
I'll get a lot of use out of this stamp
Our popular Greetings to Go collection allows you to be as creative or simple as you want to be.

The long, narrow card resembles an oversized ticket book. Three pre-designed panels make them a snap to complete.
The A2 cards feature the Aqua paper as the front panel, which has a smooth, stampable surface.
We've designed several ticket-shaped cutaparts to fit into the mini glassine envelopes included in the pack.

Stop in on Monday to learn more about the mini album project we've also included in this collection!

The plot thickens . . . 


  1. Loving everything about this kit, colors, little project, pages, stunning!

  2. Wonderful kit! I have so many ideas swirling through my head. Guess I better write them down so I don't forget.

  3. Everything looks fantastic, I think this kit arrives on my doorstep on the morning I leave to head to yours :-). I look forward to seeing it upon our return.

  4. I love this mini album! I really like the tab details and the page with the projector and picture together is so clever!


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