Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lemonade Stand Mini Album

Since Tricia and the rest of the CS staffers are at Retreat, they invited me share a new project with you.

I was visiting a friend the other day, and her daughter noticed my personalized license plate, "SCRPBKR." When she asked about it, my friend told her I was a famous (yeah, right ;) ) stamper and scrapbooker. The daughter got all excited, as she is quite the little artist herself. At the time, she was busy painting signs for a lemonade stand. They were really, really nice signs! (She has the gift!)

When the little girl asked me where I get my inspiration, I told her I get it just about anywhere, "For example, I see your signs for your lemonade stand using bright, bold, gorgeous colors, and I could totally see myself making a lemonade stand-shaped mini scrapbook with the Picnic kit from Club Scrap."  

Soooo, after I left their house, that thought just mulled over in my mind for a while until I came up with this:

I can't wait to show her! I plan to give her this adorable little album in the hopes she'll have photos taken while she's selling lemonade and put them in this album!!

To make your own, gather the following supplies:
Mat board
Picnic cardstock
Picnic rubber stamps
Picnic embellishments
Bookbinding glue
Waxed linen thread

Lemonade Stand "Frame"
1. To create the lemonade stand framework, cut the following pieces from mat board:




2. Glue the back edge of the "counter" piece to "back side of lemonade stand" piece using book binding glue. Let dry thoroughly before moving onto next step.

3. Glue "upper front section" to the front edge of the "counter" piece. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Glue the top edge of "back side of lemonade stand" to the back side of "roof" piece. Set aside to dry thoroughly before moving onto next step.

5. Glue the top edge of "upper front section" to the front side of the "roof" piece.  Let this dry. Here is what the final frame of the lemonade stand should look like:

Lemonade Stand Mini Album
1.  To create mini album, cut eight 3.5 x 10" pieces of cardstock, using all four colors from the Picnic kit.

2.  Fold each in half horizontally to create four 3.5 x 5" signatures.

3.  Pierce holes along the fold of each signature .5 and 1" from the top and bottom edges:

4. Stitch the signatures together using waxed linen thread. With first page in hand, thread waxed linen from the outside down into hole 1, come back up through hole 2, down through hole 3, up through hole 4. Add the second signature by stitching into the matching hole and repeat pattern. When you get to the last stitch, tie the loose thread ends together. Repeat stitching pattern with third folded page. When you get to the last hole of this page, do a kettle stitch. Repeat with fourth page. Tie off waxed linen at the very end.

(You can watch this video to see how to do the similar stitch, just without the ribbon and 2 fewer holes).

5.  Cut striped printed paper to 4.5 x 6" for front cover. Use bookbinding glue to adhere and wrap around the mat board.

6. Use bookbinding glue to adhere the first page of the album to the wrapped cover.

7.  Attach the last page of the album to the 'back side of the lemonade stand' mat board, under the 'counter.'

It should look like this:

8.  Trim three pink and two blue cardstock to 1 x 2" each. Round two of the corners as shown.

9.  Attach to the roof. (See below.)

10. Spritz Thickers letter stickers that spell "lemonade" and "25" with Lemon Zest ink spray. I used a "c" along with an apostrophe (cut in half) to create the "cents" symbol.

11. To make a banner from the checkered patterned paper, cut rectangular pieces to 1 x 1.5", then trim into triangles.
Attach triangles to white cord and adhere to the lemonade stand just below the roof line. Add gems to the roof line as shown:

12.  To further embellish, add stamped lemon slice and glass of lemonade, and use a marker to color counter top yellow.


I hope you enjoyed this project. Thanks for joining me today!

Debbie Weller


  1. Debbie this is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your creativity is amazing...This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Way you go Deb! Absolutely a FUN Summer project!

  4. What a fun mini album - such fun! It will be perfect for her photos :)

  5. I know you are famous and with good reason, wonderful idea and project and she will be amazed and inspired too!

  6. You are famous with me!! I always look forward to see what you came up with~ nothing short of creative genius, I must say. Thanks for your inspiration. And your young friend will love this album!

  7. Debbie, this is so adorable, and I totally get it, inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!
    Btw, love your license plate and you are quite famous in my book too!


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