Monday, August 18, 2014

Four New Ways to Use Cutaparts

Just wait until you get your hands on the prints and cutaparts inside the Cinema Lite Kit! If you use them up doing the pre-assembled pages, you may want to pick up a few extras.

Club Scrap Cinema Lite Layout

Occasionally I'll order miniature collage prints from Walgreen's, and I always have a few leftovers after completing the intended project. This layout features black and white photos spanning several years. They worked perfectly with the filmstrip.

I cropped and adhered photos that were small enough to fit the 1x1.25" filmstrip spaces on the Stone cutapart. The strip was then used to complement the right edge of my layout.

Rather than saving the journaling blocks on the Stone cutapart for journaling, I used them as frames for additional photos.

I had some unique plans for the White cutaparts, as well!

Instead of using this element as a border strip, I repurposed the numbers for photo embellishments.

I also trimmed a 12" border strip to use as a caption . . .

. . . and stamped a quote on the other half.

Here's lookin' at the Lite cutaparts in a whole new way! Enjoy!

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Love it! You could frame that page it's so cute!
    Beth M.

  2. A great way to use them. I love you layout!

  3. I love all the clever uses for these cut aparts Kay! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great bunch of ideas! But I have to say I an especially impressed with how perfectly you cut out those circles Kay - my cutting skills are definitely not up to par! Maybe I can find a circle punch the right size to copy that idea! Love them all!

    1. Well if you look closely, my circle cutting is far from perfect, but it's o.k. that's what my handmade project are... far from perfect! However the circle punch is a great idea of course, a 1" punch would do the job.

  5. Lovely page,Kay,with somany wonderful ideas.

  6. Very cool Kay! I love the different uses you found for these cutaparts. I'm definitely tempted to pick up one or two extras!

  7. Great (extra) use of those cut-aparts. I never order tiny pictures, but now.................. hmmmm


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