Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Video: Stenciled Pocket Technique

We thought you might find it helpful to know how to create the stenciled pockets featured on page fourteen of the Dungarees assembly line scrapbook pages. Aren't they adorable?

And here is that nearly-finished page (ready for journaling) . . . 

You can stuff a lot of fun things into those stenciled pockets!

You'll need the 12x12 Dungarees Kraft Plain, the Pocket Stencil, Garment Repair Tag, Woven Clothing Tags, an Ink Applicator, and Sapphire ink. (I also used tape, a grid ruler, craft knife, and pencil.)

Next, check out the video! The two-layer stencil makes creating the dimensional look super-easy. If you're new to stenciling, simply practice on a piece of scratch paper prior to diving into the real deal.

It's in the pocket!


  1. Thanks for the hint on doing the stencil stitching area - I struggle sometimes with those smaller bits on a stencil.

  2. Isn't it funny how we all tackle these stencils differently. I used my grid ruler to mark the center, yay me, but I did the big pocket first and the stitching after LOL. I just love how the finished ALSB'd page came out and the addition of the little tags is PERFECT!! Love this kit so much!!

  3. Great stencil tutorial, Trica and the page just looks awesome.

  4. Thanks for the video -- they are always so helpful. Great idea to use the pockets for memorabilia and tags.


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