Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I Love Going to Retreat

Back in 2008, when I was still a Club Scrap® Newbie, right around this time of year, folks in the Coffeehouse Forum were chatting furiously about going to Wisconsin for Retreat and even though I wasn't going, I found myself caught up in the excitement - I thought to myself, "Someday I'll get there, too!" Well, it didn't happen in 2009 (although I did get Retreat in a Box that year), but in 2010 I made my first (but not my last!) trip to Wisconsin for the October Retreat.

Michael Strong, Tricia Morris, Cherryl Greene, and me

It is an experience that almost defies description. There are lots of workshops and food and hugging and laughing and more hugging and there's not much sleep, but the hugs and laughs help you forget that you're not sleeping very much, so it's all good! And as much as I loved the projects and the food and the hugging and the laughs, those weren't the best parts of Retreat (although all of that was amazing) as far as I'm concerned.

Party time!

The best part of Retreat are the people! Really. If you spend anytime at all in the Coffeehouse chatting with people in the forum threads, you slowly start to build friendships. Meeting those people in real life is what made the retreat extra-special for me. So I went back in 2011 and I'm heading back in 2012 - as much as I want to experience the projects and the hugs and the laughter, I really just want to see those people again - they've become family and I can't imagine not taking the time to spend a few days with them.

Brenda & Julie

So if you haven't made the trek to Wisconsin yet, think about going to Retreat this year - you won't be disappointed! And if you have been to a Club Scrap® Retreat, please post a comment and let me know what you liked best about your Retreat experience!


  1. Seeing this brings back good memories and makes me look forward to great new memories!

  2. Well Ron, you pretty much hit the nail right on the head for me!! It was nothing short of a life changing experience for me. I can not begin to tell you how wonderful it was to meet all of my online friends in person. I was blessed to be there with you in 2010 for my very first Retreat and then a second time in 2011! What fun! This year I have to sit one out, which was not an easy thing to do, but really hoping and saving to go back in 2013! Thanks for the memories my friend!

  3. Aww been too long since I have been to retreat! My first was in 2003 but I think my most special was with my mom in I think it was 2009 (boy was it really that long ago?) Both retreats tend to fall at a bad time of the year for me these days. I always take a family vacation in Sept. so being gone in Aug or Oct just doesn't work out, but I sure do miss it. I also love the area up there!

  4. Would love to attend - just don't have it in the budget, I am hoping to order the RIAB this year.....hope you all have a great time.

  5. Ah, amen to that, Ron! I was so disheartened that the very first annual retreat was scheduled during a time that I was on a cruise for work, and so couldn't attend that one. But since that time, I made darn sure that no one in my sphere of influence scheduled anything to interfere with my Club Scrap Retreats! And so I've been able to go each year since 2002. (I've been on the "August" track.) That's the only travel vacation I get every year, so I make sure it counts.

    For a paperholic like me, the second-best highlight is the opportunity to make my personal "pilgrimage to Mecca," the Club Scrap Warehouse for Champagne Shopping! Once a year is not enough for me to spend time in those hallowed aisles, but it will have to do until "my ship comes in..." And not only for the exquisite paper lurking there, but also to visit the most outstanding employees working in any company in the country! It's truly an honor to be able to walk in their halls, and be in their company.

    Sigh... is it August yet?

  6. Ron, you described my experience perfectly! I joined Club Scrap in 2004 and went to my first Retreat in 2011! I met my Forum friends, hugged and laughed and had the time of my life. Each night a new gift arrived in my room or during the day. I kept asking myself why had it taken me so long to make the trek to Wisconsin! It was the best experience ever and I am heading back this October for more fun, friends and prepared to be amazed and dazzled by the cool Club Scrap projects that we make every day.

  7. I love the mind-boggling projects and the anticipation and meeting my online friends face-to-face again and the chocolate parties and the Pro-Shop shopping and the late-night gaggling and...and....whew, I need to take a breath...oh and the moment we receive our special Retreat kit and the meals and the projects and the talking and the CSHQ folks and the Warehouse Shopping and the local shopping and...and.....wait, did I repeat some things?.....

  8. Ron, 2010 was my first Retreat as well. And I just finished scrapbooking those photos a few days ago! It was truly awesome to relive the memories. I was nervous when I first arrived because I didn't know anyone, but I met two great women in the elevator on my way to the first night's gala, and they made me feel right at home--as did everyone else from that moment forward. I discovered the forum AFTER that first Retreat so when I went back the next year I felt like I knew everyone! And I was really surprised that so many people recognized me too! It is definitely the people that make Retreat so special! This year I had to switch to the August Retreat so I am really going to miss some of my October buddies, but I'm looking forward to meeting new friends too. Club Scrap is the BEST!

  9. I made my trek to Retreat in 2004. That year was my 25th Anniversary, and I had wanted to do a Vow Renewal. I had it all planned out in my head, had actually purchased a few items for the big day. When I asked my hubby for some input, he said, "Honey, there's nothing wrong with our original vows, why do we need to renew them. I don't think they're expired!" So he asked me if I could put that money into something I REALLY wanted to do. Enter Club Scrap Retreat! I had the time of my life! The lengths they went to with special classes, the surprise goodies, the food, the outings....I felt like a princess! And hubby didn't have to do a THING! haha Would love to go again some day.


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