Monday, June 30, 2014

Reinvented Embellishments

After assembling my kits each month, I always have some tiny little scraps or pieces left over from my Embellishment pack.  These precious pieces of fibers, little jewels, brads or buttons, find their way to a bag for safe keeping.  Here I will share tips on bringing them out of storage and back onto your pages, projects and cards.

1. Choose scraps from your Picnic kit and Gelli Arts prints.  Check out this blog post on how to create these unique prints.

I used the mask strips left over from the Torn Paper Technique.
2. Punch flowers from these Gelli prints and cut leaf shapes and tendrils from dark green Picnic paper.

3. Create centers for your flowers. Punch tiny daisies from dark blue Picnic paper and add self-stick gem to center. Stack with larger daisies to form flower cluster.

4. Tie bows with baker's twine and attach to the back of the flower/leaf/tendril clusters with adhesive. I work with hot glue as it dries very quickly.

5. Attach your reinvented embellishments onto your paper crafting projects!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Oopsie Daisy Spoiler!

The Oopsie Daisy Kit ships on Tuesday. Since Tuesday will be here before we know it, the time has come for a sneak peek of what's ahead.

As always . . . look away now if you don't want to spoil the surprise!

Clearly, you're committed now.

Here are a few sights of the new adorable collection. The mellow, neutral tones and cheerful designs will be ideal for your summer scrapbooking and card making projects!

Thank you for checking out the spoiler. Deb and Beth are busy packing your kits as I type!

Kay at Club Scrap

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Easy Digital Hybrid Cards, Part 2

In my last blog (CLICK HERE if you missed it), I showed you how to create a few simple hybrid cards using the Picnic Digital Kit. Truth be told, in the course of figuring out what those cards would look like, I printed out a few extra sheets of that paper, including one with the blue checkerboard background. Being the true hoarder crafter that I am, I kept those extra sheets and have been looking for a different way to use them..

Then, I saw Tricia's post - New Formulas for Picnic Papers - and I was inspired. Thanks, Tricia!

I took those extra backgrounds and cut some into 1" squares and punched some into 1" circles.

I arranged them on two card bases made from one sheet of the 8.5x11 Dark Green paper from the Club Stamp kit. They looked okay, but I felt something was missing. I thought about inking the edges, but then saw a piece of sand paper on my craft table and thought, "Hmmm, would that work?" You bet it did!
I'm sure you have some kind of sanding tool in your craft supplies - I have several!
I really like that shabby, sanded look and it's so easy to achieve with digital background paper that you make yourself! This technique will work with the printed text weight paper in the Club Stamp kit, but be careful - if you sand too hard, you'll go right through the paper. (Go ahead. Ask me how I know.) That white edge really makes the shapes pop on the dark card base.

I had a little extra space on the left card, but a 1/4" strip of green filled that nicely!
For the sentiments, I simply flipped a few pieces over and stamped on the white side. Yup, I actually stamped those, although you could print out the digital stamps and then cut or punch as needed.

So there you have it . . . two more quick and easy hybrid cards. I hope you'll give this a try.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Hop is a real Picnic!

Welcome hoppers! You are in for a treat today. We have 17 talented bloggers on hand sharing their creations made using the June Picnic collection.

Each year, Kay's daughter Marilee hosts a lemonade stand to coincide with an art festival in town. For many years, my daughter Emma has had the pleasure of being Marilee's sidekick. Kay always documents the event with wonderful photos, and I knew last year's pics would be perfect with Picnic!

Pages created using Picnic CS papers and Layout Card from Trees.
Add dimension with Pop Dots and a touch of sparkle on the ice cube with Stickles.
Picnic Lite Thickers custom-tinted with appropriately-named "Mango Lemonade" Memories Mist.

I couldn't resist making a few cards, too. My stash is severely depleted and I need to restock for my monthly Birthday Club card swap. By the way, we'd love to have you join us . . . there's nothing like getting a dozen or more beautiful cards from your fellow paper addicts crafters for your birthday!

A blatant scrap-lift of Janet's Greetings to Go card. I love the "bite" mark!

More fun with Pop Dots!
This sentiment from an old Aurora Borealis stamp sheet makes me giggle.

I don't know about you, but I'm having a blast with the Picnic kit. Are you ready to hop on over to the next blogger? Julie is next over at Cape Cod Scrapper, and there's a complete list below just in case you get lost along the way.

Karen for Club Scrap Creates
Hetty at Craft Chaos
Anne at Crzymom's Tidbits
Anne Marie at Artfully Balanced
Lisa at Carpe Memoria

Happy hopping!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Roll Out The Candles Tutorial

Roll out the birthday candles with our Picnic Club Stamp print!

As seen on Pinterest, this fun candle birthday card was a snap to make using the Picnic Club Stamp Text Weight Print and string from the Embellishment Pack.

Follow these steps to make your candles.

1. Cut 2x3" rectangles from the text weight print. Trim as many rectangles as you would like. (I rolled seven candles.) Start rolling on the 2" edge.

2. Tighten the paper roll to birthday cake candle width.

3. Brush glue onto the edge of the paper roll and seal to make a cylinder.

4. Cut a 3/4" length of string. Dab glue into one end of the candle roll.

5. Insert the wick into the candle.

6. Stamp a sentiment onto the lower center of a card panel. Starting from the center and working outward, adhere the candles to the panel with Bookbinding Glue.

7. Matte onto card base, embellish, and enjoy giving this card to someone that appreciates fun birthdays!

Roll out the birthday candles for your next handmade card creation. No matches or calories involved!

Thanks for stopping by . . .
Kay at Club Scrap

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Formulas for Picnic Papers

Make the most of your 12-pack of Picnic Club Stamp papers with these clever cutting instructions. You'll end up with fifteen standard-sized (A2) cards.

We'll begin with the left brain activities:

1. Score one 8.5x11 Light Pink, one Dark Green, one Dark Pink, two Dark Blue Plains and two White Prints vertically at 4.25". Cut horizontally at 5.5". Fold each 5.5x8.5 horizontally on the scoreline to make a total of fourteen card bases.

2. Trim one 8.5x11 White Text Print (with four designs) vertically at 4.5 and 4". Cut each 4x11 horizontally at 5.75 and 5.25".

3. Stack the four text weight art panels and use a grid ruler and craft knife to cut them into four triangular pieces. Use a trimmer if you do not feel comfortable with a craft knife. The measurements provided are flexible, but I figured you'd want to know the ones I used.

The four triangular pieces will be interchanged and fitted together on a card base.
4. Trim one 8.5x11 Text Weight Print vertically at 4.25". Cut each 4.25x11 horizontally at 6.75 and 4.25". Use a 1" circle punch to create 16 circles from the middle section of the print. If you do not have a 1" circle punch, simply make 1" squares.

The 16 circles will be placed on a card in a grid pattern.
5. Cut one 8.5x11 Light Pink Plain horizontally at 10.5, 8 and 5". Trim the 5x8.5 horizontally at 7, 5.5, 4, and 2.5". Cut the 2.5x5 horizontally at 2.5". Trim the 3x8.5 horizontally at 4.25". Trim the 2.5x8.5 horizontally at 8, 6, 4 and 2". Cut the .5x8.5 horizontally at 4.25".

6. Trim the 8.5x11 Dark Green Plain vertically at 6.5 and 4.25". Score and fold the 4.25x11 horizontally at 5.5" to make a card base. Trim the 2.25x11 horizontally at 10.5 and 5.25". Cut the 2x11 horizontally at 8.25, 5.5 and 2.75".

7. Prior to trimming the 8.5x11 Dark Pink Plain, score vertically and horizontally every half inch to create a grid pattern. Slide a silver or white ink pad over the raised scorelines to enhance the texture. Trim horizontally at 10.75 and 5.5". Cut the 5.5x8.5 horizontally at 8, 6, 4 and 2". Trim the 5.25x8.5 horizontally at 8 and 4".

The raised scorelines look cool when inked with silver.

8. Fold the (4) 4.25x4.25 pieces from the White Text Print into hearts by following standard origami instructions found HERE. TIP: Trim a 4.25" square of text weight scrap paper and practice until you've figured it out. The first one can be tricky, but it's easy after the first try.

The pattern paper hearts are so cute!
9. The right side of your brain gets a turn!

Trim apart the row of four watermelon stamps, and just use two.

Use a fine tipped black pen to free-hand a double border around the panel.
Add a border around the outside edge of the Dark Blue card base with a white gel pen.
Attach the greeting vertically or horizontally.
TIP: Avoid touching the corner of the sentiment with an angle on the card. (Tangent.) 

OK, that ric rac is adorable . . .
. . . especially with a row of ants.
The narrow sentiment came from the Fire & Ice UM Greeting.
I think that's some pretty great mileage out of just twelve sheets of paper, don't you?

Happy Cardmaking!