Sunday, June 15, 2014

Picnic Lite Pages

It's the 15th! But wait. It's a Sunday. Your Picnic Lite kit ships tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out the pages you can make with this fun collection!

With an effort to complete all of the pre-assembled pages I make on a monthly basis (that's about 32 on average), I'm getting "caught up" with my scrapbooking. It's a pretty great system.

I picked up a fresh pile of printed photos and I've already completed several layouts with photos from May and June. Of 2014.

It was impossible to choose only one photo of this little cutie. I used them all.
Bianca deserves her own double page spread.
Our friends, Barb and Gene, host a big Memorial Day weekend party each year. Gene grills up a storm.
TIP: If the "Let's eat!" cutapart doesn't work for your layout, simply place a photo on top.
We enjoyed a pizza pie at Gino's in Chicago last weekend. It's better than watermelon.
The Thickers make quick and easy page titles, too.
See those two smaller photos on the left? You can crop them easily with the help of a grid ruler.
Three steps to crop your photos in a jiffy.

1. Hover over the matte with a grid ruler and get a measurement. This matte is 2.25x2.5".

2.  Subtract 1/4" from each measurement. That equals 2x2.25". Hover the grid ruler over the photo you'd like to use and check the cropped size before cutting. Mine will fit.

3. Crop the photo and place onto the matte. Done. (None of the precarious guesswork of trimming "about here" and "about there" and then ending up with a photo that's too small.)

4. If you have a copy of your instructions handy, the photo size required for each spot is listed on the image of the finished page. If you don't like math, this is especially for you.

If you have completed pages without photos piling up, try my method of getting them finished each month. It makes scrapbooking a real picnic!



  1. Love all the little tips for calculating photo size, this was one of the first things that drew me to your wonderful style of efficient scrapbooking!! Love how the pages could work for boys, girls or both!! How fun!

  2. Great tips Tricia - thanks!

  3. the tips are great and helpful. The ruler really comes in handy

  4. I think I NEED the blue striped paper!!

  5. I agree - I see and hear people all the time trying to figure out perfect mattes and how to crop photos. I learned from you guys how to subtract 1/4" from each measurement and always thought everyone knew how to do that. Who needs a special matting tool? That is not hard math, but it's nice that you provided the actual photo measurement on the instructions. Thanks for that simple trick that makes cropping SO easy!

  6. Cute cute cuteness! And any Chicago pizza is a good call!

  7. Great tips on cropping pics and how awesome you're keeping "caught up" on 2014 photos! Woo hoo!


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