Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Club Scrappers!

Earlier this month, you may have read Tricia's blog post announcing Club Scrap's 15th Anniversary on June 1, 2014. According to tradition, tin is the symbolic material of this milestone and it represents preservation and longevity. While it is technically considered a "common" metal, instead of a "precious" metal like gold or silver, tin is still rare. In fact, it may be the least available of all common metals. We think this is fitting since Club Scrap is also rare and unique! We are blessed to forge ahead into our 16th year of creating one-of-a-kind paper and stamp designs.

To celebrate this milestone, we are releasing a very special 15th anniversary collection, Tin Tiles. Jac really outdid herself with the lovely tin tile artwork arranged in a visually unique 3-dimensional design. It really is a feast for the eyes.

The Tin Tiles collection includes everything you see here.
The Cutaparts make embellishing the pages so easy!

You'll love the 5x7" Embossing folder.
Just look at the stunning effects you can achieve!
The crowning jewel? This 10x10" masking stencil. It ROCKS!

Isn't that mask spectacular?
Kay's layout featuring the lovely Miss Marilee.
Here are Tricia's finished ALSB pages with photos from Emily's junior prom. Both mother and daughter are just beautiful, aren't they? You'll love the versatility of the paper designs. The quotes and sentiments on the Cutaparts can be used for anything life brings your way.

Emily and Ian make such a cute couple!

Happy Anniversary! Celebrate by getting a versatile and beautiful Tin Tiles collection of your very own.

Creatively yours,


  1. A beautiful kit for beautiful photos! All of the elements are simply amazing! LOVE the embossing folder and stencil but the papers are the best!

    Happy 15th ~ here's to many more!!

  2. Wow wow wow. Such a gorgeous kit... Happy Anniversary!

  3. This kit is just amazingly beautiful. The embossing folder creates such a dramatic look, love it!
    Emily is as gorgeous as her mom, just stunning. Thanks for this beautiful kit to celebrate this wonderful milestone, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CLUB SCRAP!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to my favorite company (other than my own!) Glad I grabbed this yesterday I know it's going to be a hit!

  5. Happy Anniversary Club Scrap!! And I hope you have many more. These papers are amazing and will fit most any kind of photos. Tricia, great job on your daughter's prom photos with this kit. She is a very beautiful young lady.

  6. Happy Anniversary Club Scrap!! Great kit

  7. Happy Anniversary, glad I have been a part of it for 10 years now, will this kit be offered in digital format as well? I already ordered the paper!

  8. Beautiful kit - thank you for your talents Jac! And thank you Club Scrap! Keep em coming for another 15!

  9. What a stunning kit! So appropriate for such a special anniversary. The papers are beautiful enough, but when you add the embossing folder and stencil, it's like a match made in heaven!

    Congratulations, Club Scrap! May you have many, many more years of creativity and inspiration!

  10. I'm delighted that Club Scrap has come so far! I look forward to a continuation of artistic, interesting, & user-friendly kits [just to name a few adjectives]. I hope Club Scrap's future is sunny! Bee L

  11. Happy Anniversary, Club Scrap! So proud that you have been able to make it work through thick and thin (cardstock). Here's to many more years of wonderful kits and service. Thanks for making us happy campers and for all the instruction and inspiration.

  12. Happy Anniversary Club Scrap! Wishing you many, many more years of great products, service and lets not forget all the wonderful techniques you teach us. - Ruby Wilkes. I'm showing as anonymous because I'm not on my computer

  13. Absolutely an Anniversary kit!


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