Thursday, June 19, 2014

Accordion Flag Book Tutorial

I'm pretty sure you already knew it was National Accordion Awareness Month, but just in case, I thought I'd celebrate by making this Picnic accordion spine flag book!

Some of you may remember when Club Scrap had flag book kits a few years ago. I still enjoy this project and thought it would be fun to design one around the size of the four 3.25x3.25" Picnic Lite Cutaparts as inside pages.

Assembly Instructions:

1. Cut one 8x10.25" Dk Green paper to use for the binding. Score vertically every 1/2".

2. Fold accordion-style on score lines.

3. Cut two 3.5x10.25" matte board covers and two 4.5x11.25" Picnic Light Pink Print outside cover wraps. Adhere the cover papers to the matte boards with Bookbinding Glue.

4. Cut each corner at a 45 degree angle, leaving 1/8" of paper extending beyond the tip of each matte board corner.

5. Wrap flaps around to the back of the covers and adhere with bookbinding glue.

6. Brush glue onto one outside flap of the accordion spine.

7. Attach the spine to the wrapped cover flush with top and bottom edges. Align the first fold of the accordion with the long outside edge of the cover. Be mindful of the direction of your front/back covers if you have a design plan!

8. Repeat for the other cover.

9. Cut two 3.25x10" Dk Green inside covers and adhere to the inside of the book with bookbinding glue.

10. Trim (21) 3.25x3.25" inside pages. I used four squares from the Picnic Lite White Cutapart. The rest are paper scraps left from other projects. I also snuck in one print from the Club Stamp collection releasing tomorrow.

11. Glue the first row of pages flush with the top edge of the spine. Place the page in the right side of the valley of each fold for the entire horizontal row.

12. Repeat for the bottom row of pages.

13. Adhere the center row of pages between the top and bottom rows, being sure the page is attached to the left side of the valley of each fold.

14. Embellish the cover with cutaparts and secure closed with a ribbon.

Wouldn't it be great to have this done before a picnic so attendees could write a little something inside? All you have to do is add your photos later!

Thank you for observing National Accordion Awareness Month with me. Blogging with you in mind is always a picnic!

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Love your new photo Kay!! And love this fun little accordion book... brings back memories of when I first joined Club Scrap. :)

    1. Thanks Julie, just thought I'd slip a new photo in there. How fun that projects can bring back great memories like that! Cool.

  2. Love the sneaky sneak for tomorrow!!

  3. That is so adorable Kaye! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a fun accordion flag book! They are lots of fun to make and everyone loves the finished project! TFS :)

  5. Kay, what a delightful little book you have shared with us. I think I'll have enough supplies left to do this.

  6. Hey, can we make this for Retreat? ;-)
    Beth M

    1. Would be fun, however sticking to other workshop plans:)

  7. This is just too darn cute - love it!

  8. What a bright and happy Summer book,Kay!
    You did it again.

  9. Adorable! Love your idea of having it available for folks to write in, adding photos later. Genius!

    I think I still have a couple of these kits. Using Picnic papers would be an easy substitution.

  10. Great new photo! Also a great size to give to teachers - they can fit the whole class in one book! I think you can print specialty (like 4x4) photos on Snapfish.

  11. So cute with the picnic paper :) I first went to a Club Scrap workshop about a bazillion years ago and we made the ORIGINAL flag book. I still have it somewhere...might even have some blanks that I never finished!


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