Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2014 - Picnic Collection

We are happy to present our brand new Picnic collection, shipping tomorrow! (Oh, the agony of the first of the month falling on a weekend.)

A Note from Tricia
Happy anniversary to us! We are overjoyed to launch our 16th year of creating and shipping monthly kits. Let's see . . . that adds up to 181 collections, themes, color palettes, shipping days, etc. I am indebted to my incredible team of staff and contributors and to our enthusiastic, loyal members who have made it all possible. We are looking forward to serving up original collections for another fifteen years!

In honor of this milestone, we have a talented team working on some major updates to our website, chat forum, gallery and member involvement areas, as well as a fresh look/logo. A project of this magnitude will take a few more months to complete, but we know it will be worth the effort. Please take a moment to ensure that you have copies of any artwork posted in the galleria that you would like to keep.

What's Ahead?
Our theme for July's collection was born after the color palette was chosen. Our very own Brenda Nejedlo begged until she was blue in the face to get her Oopsie Daisy theme. (Our whole design team was pretty excited about it, but we didn't let on.) The shades consist of mellow neutrals and the cheerful artwork is going to make you smile. I wonder if we can get Brenda to make some cards.

Kit and Color Details

This month's font is BigelowRules-Regular. The intricate, whimsical detail of the theme pairs well with the bold, simplistic images in the kit.

Our design team used the following RGB numbers to create the collection. If you like making digital projects, here are your color profiles:

Light BlueR152G190B219
Dark BlueR0G154B204
Light GreenR205G213B101
Dark GreenR130G122B74
Light PinkR247G195B202
Dark PinkR178G74B114

If you want to stamp some art out, try these coordinating ink colors . . . 

Club Scrap
Leaf, Moss, Fuchsia, Lagoon, Carnation, India Black

Fluid Chalk - Olive Pastel, Lime Pastel, Blue Lagoon
Classic Pigment - Magenta, Baby Blue, Moss Green, Cyan Blue

Adirondack - Pesto, Lettuce

Memento - Pear Tart, Summer Sky, Angel Pink, Rose Bud
VersaMagic - Spanish Olive, Tea Leaves, Pixie Dust
VersaColor - Pale Blue, Petal Pink, Cyan, Bamboo, Magenta

Stewart Superior
Chalk - Hazy Magenta
Memories Pigment - Alligator, Cotton Candy, Pomegranate, Celestial Sapphire
Memories Dye - Blush, Crimson, Soft Baby Blue, Chartreuse, Olive
Palette - Reflection Blue, Toile Pink

Stay tuned tomorrow for highlights of this month's cards and layouts!



  1. Happy Anniversary to Us!!! Woohoo! So excited and beyond blessed to be part of this exciting adventure with Club Scrap. Can't wait to share my ideas for Picnic too.

  2. Wow 15 years! congratulations and glad to see CS still going strong. I love the family feel and the wonderful quality! How about a picture of the kit, too?

    1. Thank you, Debby! All of the kit images and details will be updated when the staff is back in the office tomorrow. Sorry for the wait! :)

  3. Congrats and Happy Anniversary, Club Scrap! I'm thrilled you're still around and helping me and many others to grow our crafty selves. I have learned so much from you guys, and I don't think I could ever repay you. And, as a bonus, I have lots of wonderful online friends to share the adventure with!

  4. I appreciate all your efforts with getting such wonderful products to our doors, and I have no words which would adequately describe how much all the inspiration you have provided has enhanced my life.

  5. If I were to reflect on all the techniques I have learned since I started papercrafting in 1996, I would say that 90% were taught to me via Club Scrap--kit and Retreat projects; blog and video tutorials; and member artwork in the Community, Galleria, and blog have challenged me and enabled me to learn and grow. I rarely use other papers, stamps, or inks, and getting a Club Scrap package delivered to my door is like getting a gift from a good friend. Congratulations, Club Scrap, on 15 years, and I look forward to many more years of your unique yet classy style!

  6. Thanks Tricia and team for all these years of paper, stamps, projects and fun ideas. PLEASE keep going! The new kit looks fabulous,bright and happy. Loving the summer colors.

  7. LOVING the colors!! Can't wait to see it in person ~ cause you know it's always better than expected!

    Happy Anniversary Club Scrap!!! What an exciting milestone ~ especially in this day. Wishing you many many more! 15 years & 181 kits got me to thinkin'...a "kit collage" image would be fun to see. Sort of like the Followers photo collage.... Just a thought :)

  8. Tricia, you are launching your ***16th*** year and I have enjoyed the last ten of them with you. Congrats on another beautiful kit.

  9. Tricia, congratulations on this milestone anniversary. I wish you and the CS team many more wonderful years. Thank you for all the great kits and inspiration.
    Mary aka Paperhorse

  10. Congratulations to staffers and members alike. It takes a village to make a card (or something like that!) Many happy, fruitful years to come.

  11. my goodness has it been that long?
    love the kit

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm happy to say that I've been a member for 13 of those 15 years, and I hope to continue for the next 15.

  13. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love this club and glad to be a member!

  14. Thank God for Club Scrap!! When I look at my initial attempts at scrapbooking and compare it to my work work with CS, it is MILES down the road improved!! You are my inspiration and my monthly therapy :)

  15. I am so happy that you have reached this milestone Club Scrap! You all work so hard to keep us happy, creative, and our scrap stashes full. I can't imagine a month without my pizza box, so keep them coming! I'm looking forward to Picnic, and next month sounds equally as fun!

  16. Happy Anniversary to Club Scrap! Congrats Tricia & staff! I love this club....I think you all know that already though! Picnic looks like an adorable kit...can't wait to play with it :-)
    Kathy Weiland


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