Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Flipped Out Picnic Stencil

Yes, at first glance, this is picnic basket.

But it can also be a very cool border. Don't stare at it too long. It can make you feel a little groovy.

Here's how to tap that potential out of your Picnic Lite Stencil!

1. Use an ink applicator to stencil one layer of the checked image onto the edge of a 12" Light Pink strip with Fuchsia ink. Align the bottom edge of the pattern with the edge of the paper. (You may find it beneficial to cover the binder hole with a piece of washi tape to prevent stray ink.)

2. Rotate the stencil 180 degrees and align the the same layer/pattern end to end with the first stenciled section.

3. Repeat the rotation and stenciling process until the border is complete.

4.  Use the nesting layer of the checked pattern to fill in the openings with Leaf ink. Rotate the stencil each time, as before, to complete the pattern.

5. To create a custom page title, place mistable Thickers (included in the Lite kit) onto a non-stick craft sheet. Spritz water onto the sheet and "color" the water puddle with a Faber-Castell Gelato.

6. Paint the letters with a waterbrush and the prepared color. Allow the letters to dry.

7. Attach the letters to the layout. TIP: Apply the letters in reverse order so the title will end at the right edge of the page.

8. Incorporate the title and border strips into a scrapbook page or card.

Good day, Sunshine!


  1. Very cool way to use the stencil! LO is darling ~ specially with that little cutie :)

  2. WOW, that is really groovy!! Love the wavy effect. And Bianca is too cute!!

  3. Very nice border strips. TFS one way to tint the letters.

  4. I quite like feeling "groovy". :) Love finding other ways to use the gelatos. Making your own paint or spritzer? Fab idea. And thanks for showing other ways to use stencils!

  5. Great idea and a wonderful page.

  6. OMG - I absolutely love this! And this is definitely one of those patterns that if you move it in and out, you can get the tilt-a-whirl effect.....

    Go ahead - I dare you to try it (especially after a margarita)!

  7. Love the stencil, the baby and page is adorable


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