Saturday, May 31, 2014

(Inter) National Scrapbook Month Challenge 2 Winner

Please join me in congratulating the winner of our second challenge... ARLENE P.!
We will be in touch about getting you your prize!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dungarees - Cap and Gown Card

With graduation season quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to share an origami folded card design. I found this clever video tutorial on Youtube and couldn't wait to try it. I plan to give this card to my cousin Courtney, who will be graduating from high school at the beginning of June.

Let's take a look at some of the details.

1. Trim Dungarees Dark Blue papers to 10x12 and 4x4". Trim the Cream Plain to 2-7/8x6-7/8". A 1/2" cream print belly band (not shown) was wrapped around the finished card and trimmed to the appropriate length.

2. Stamp the Big Deal quote and sentiment onto the cream paper with Sapphire hybrid ink.

I just loved how the open card forms a box!  Plenty of room for some cash or gift cards.

3. Stamp the Big Deal numbers onto the Cream print belly band with Sapphire ink. Tip: Match pen ink color to stamped image by rubbing the nib of a similar shade marker onto the Sapphire ink pad.

4. Create a tassel by wrapping white embroidery floss around two fingers. Before removing your fingers, carefully wind a section of the floss around and through your fingers to create the top of the tassel. Use a needle to thread the end up through the top of the tassel and secure with a knot. Leave a tail for threading through the cap. Don't forget to cut the long end loop to form the bottom of your tassel.

5. Secure the tassel with a metal brad and cover the brad prongs and tassel end with a bit of adhesive on the back of the "one size fits all" tag embellishment.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Picnic Spoiler Time!

June is almost here! Below are images from our brand new Picnic collection. If you want to be surprised, DON'T GO ANY FURTHER.

This bright and refreshing Picnic kit will be perfect for commemorating summer events, campouts, play dates, vacations and more.


Here are a few pictures I snapped while working with this fun collection . . .

See? Isn't it cute, fun and adorable all at the same time? It's one in a melon.

If you aren't a Club Scrap Member and would like more info, please check out membership options HERE, or call us (888)634-9100 between 9am-3pm. We would love to tell you more.

I look forward to picnicking with you soon!
Kay at Club Scrap

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dungarees Blog Hop

It's blog hop time! Thanks for hopping along with us today.

I'm still on a mini album kick. I started this Passport to Fun project at the beginning of the month, but travel and general busy-ness kept me from completing it until now.

This is a variation on the original instructions . . . instead of A7 envelopes, I tried my luck with 3-1/2 x 6-1/2" coin envelopes. The goldenrod color worked well with the colors in the Dungarees collection. I connected the envelopes using their flaps, which in the case of these envelopes, created a horizontal orientation. The mattes are 3.25 x 6.25", which means I only had to crop an inch off my photos (horizontally) to make them work for this mini book.

I kept the cover simple because I haven't worked out the closure yet.
I know I want to use the button, though. I'm open to suggestions! 

Embellishments added from the CS and Lite Cutaparts.

I added more inside pages with a simple pamphlet stitch. That garment tag is so much fun!

Love that Dungarees Lite Washi Tape!

Sentiments and quotes from the Dungarees unmounted stamps add the right finishing touch.
I just love the versatility of these envelope-based mini albums. Lots of pockets for memorabilia and display for more photos than you can imagine. I think I'm addicted!

Are you ready to see what our other bloggers have in store for us? If you get lost along the way, you can always come right back to this list of all of our participants.

Club Scrap Creates (you are here)
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Happy hopping!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Formulas for Dungarees Papers

If you have your hot little hands on a Dungarees Club Stamp paper pack, you're set to create six spectacular cards. All you have to do is follow the trimming and scoring instructions, exercise your craft knife skills, do a little origami-style folding, and stamp your heart out!

We'll make two 5.5x8.5" pop-up cards . . .

. . . and four great "dress shirt" cards just in time for Father's Day!

1. Trim one 8.5x11 Dark Blue, Russet, Kraft and Light Blue Plain horizontally at 10.75 and 5.5". Cut the 5.25x8.5 horizontally at 8.25 and 4". Trim the 4.25x5.25 horizontally at 4.5 and 2.5". Cut the 2x4.25 horizontally at 4 and 2.25". Score and fold the 5.5x8.5 horizontally at 4.25".

2. Cut one 8.5x11 Text Weight Print vertically at  4.75 and 3.75". Trim each 3.75x11 horizontally at 6 and 5".

3. Score (do not trim) one 8.5x11 Kraft and Dark Blue Plain horizontally at 5.5".

4. Trim each 8.5x11 Ivory Print vertically at 8.25". Score horizontally at 2.75, 5.5 and 8.25". Measure and mark 1-3/8" from the top and bottom edge. Cut a vertical slit 2.75" from the left and right edges, stopping at the marked guideline. Score at 1-3/8" to connect the slits. Accordion fold the base sheet with valley folds on the outside and a mountain fold in the center. Accordion fold the inner section with folds reversed.

5. Trim one 8.5x11 Light Blue and Russet Plain horizontally at 10.25, 7.75, and 5.25". Cut the 5.25x8.5 horizontally at 8.25". Trim each 2.5x8.5 horizontally at 7.5, 5 and 2.5". Cut the .75x8.5 horizontally at 5.25".

6. Trim the remaining 8.5x11 Ivory Text Print vertically at 4.25". Cut each 4.25x11 horizontally at 5.5" to separate the artwork into four equal sections. Origami fold each 4.25x5.5" piece into a shirt. Click HERE to see a larger image of a folding tutorial, or simply search "origami shirt" in your browser. Work with your paper vertically, and the shirt will come out just fine.

Stamp the large rivet and cut a slot with a craft knife. Slide the .75" strip through for a neat look.
Enhance the sentiment with your white gel pen.
The 2.5" squares matte perfectly onto the 2-3/4" sections of the accordion-folded paper.
Stamp the squares, or add photos for a true keepsake!
Note how the folds of the center row are the opposite of the upper and lower rows.
Insert the pop-up mechanism into the folded 5.5x8.5" card base. Apply adhesive to the outside edges only to allow the pop-ups to function.
Distress the outside edges of the printed panel with a Tonic Paper Distressing Tool.
Interchange the pattern of the origami shirt with the pattern in the background.
Use a contrasting pen to add faux stitching. Cut a chevron onto the smallest panel.
Add buttons to the shirts with Dazzles Jewels Stickers, and attach accent buttons with blue jute.
The cards are a little "involved," but well worth the effort.

Happy cardmaking!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Salute and Tour of Duty

A while back, Club Scrap created two special edition collections designed to complement patriotic photos and military photos. Each of these collections creates ten 12x12 scrapbook pages when you follow the free Assembly Line Scrapbooking instructions included with purchase. We still have a few of these collections available, and they just so happen to be on sale for 50% off through today!

Kay and I had the opportunity to finish off the ALSB pages with photos and additional embellishments, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Kay used the Salute collection for photos of the annual Appleton Flag Day parade from a few years ago. The parade is kind of a big deal in our area, and, since they live so close, it's tradition for Kay and her family to walk downtown to watch it each year.

ALSB 1 & 2--Marilee was so little in 2005!
Here's an example of Kay's skill at adding special little details.
The included Cutaparts are a great launching point for stamping or other further embellishment.
ALSB 3 & 4

ALSB 5 & 6--Isn't Marilee adorable in those sunglasses?

ALSB 7 & 8

ALSB 9-10

Believe it or not, I got the scrapbooking gene from my dad. He actually kept a scrapbook while stationed in the Canal Zone in Panama serving with the Military Police. Though it's falling apart, we still have the original scrapbook, so I made copies of some of the original photos and added them to the Tour of Duty collection.

The finished ALSB pages really didn't need much additional embellishment, so it was easy to just add photos and journaling.

ALSB 1 & 2--Dad and his fellow Military Police officers.

ALSB 3 & 4--The patriotic postage stamps made a fun embellishment.

ALSB 7 & 8--Don't you just love a man in uniform? 

My mom also has a handful of photos of her father's time in the military. Actually, it was this military connection that brought my parents together. My grandfather was stationed in the Canal Zone (with my mother and the rest of her family) at the same time my dad was an MP in Panama . . . Mom and Dad met and were married there in 1966.

ALSB 5 & 6--Photos from when my Mom's family was stationed in Taiwan for a short time.
The boy on the radio on the left page is Mom's twin brother.
ALSB 9 & 10--I'm thrilled to have this rare photo of my maternal grandparents dancing together.
Don't miss out on your chance to own one (or both!) of these awesome collections, especially at 50% off! You'd better hurry, because when they're gone, they're gone for good.

Creatively yours,