Monday, May 26, 2014

Salute and Tour of Duty

A while back, Club Scrap created two special edition collections designed to complement patriotic photos and military photos. Each of these collections creates ten 12x12 scrapbook pages when you follow the free Assembly Line Scrapbooking instructions included with purchase. We still have a few of these collections available, and they just so happen to be on sale for 50% off through today!

Kay and I had the opportunity to finish off the ALSB pages with photos and additional embellishments, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Kay used the Salute collection for photos of the annual Appleton Flag Day parade from a few years ago. The parade is kind of a big deal in our area, and, since they live so close, it's tradition for Kay and her family to walk downtown to watch it each year.

ALSB 1 & 2--Marilee was so little in 2005!
Here's an example of Kay's skill at adding special little details.
The included Cutaparts are a great launching point for stamping or other further embellishment.
ALSB 3 & 4

ALSB 5 & 6--Isn't Marilee adorable in those sunglasses?

ALSB 7 & 8

ALSB 9-10

Believe it or not, I got the scrapbooking gene from my dad. He actually kept a scrapbook while stationed in the Canal Zone in Panama serving with the Military Police. Though it's falling apart, we still have the original scrapbook, so I made copies of some of the original photos and added them to the Tour of Duty collection.

The finished ALSB pages really didn't need much additional embellishment, so it was easy to just add photos and journaling.

ALSB 1 & 2--Dad and his fellow Military Police officers.

ALSB 3 & 4--The patriotic postage stamps made a fun embellishment.

ALSB 7 & 8--Don't you just love a man in uniform? 

My mom also has a handful of photos of her father's time in the military. Actually, it was this military connection that brought my parents together. My grandfather was stationed in the Canal Zone (with my mother and the rest of her family) at the same time my dad was an MP in Panama . . . Mom and Dad met and were married there in 1966.

ALSB 5 & 6--Photos from when my Mom's family was stationed in Taiwan for a short time.
The boy on the radio on the left page is Mom's twin brother.
ALSB 9 & 10--I'm thrilled to have this rare photo of my maternal grandparents dancing together.
Don't miss out on your chance to own one (or both!) of these awesome collections, especially at 50% off! You'd better hurry, because when they're gone, they're gone for good.

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  1. Funny that you posted just as I looked. These layouts are super and will definitely be cased.

  2. Love your layouts... I will for sure save these. Thank you soooooooooooooo much!

  3. Beautiful and special. Happy Memorial weekend!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your family's old photos, Karen. Love these little glimpses into the past. Wonderful memory-keeping!

  5. Love your pages, Karen. You're right, there's nothing like a man in uniform. :)

  6. Great pages, Karen. I have to get mine and my husband's photos onto these pages before we forget what, who and where.

  7. Wonderful tribute Karen. I love the vintage photos of your dad and grandparents! And you're right that photo of your grandparents dancing is a priceless treasure!

    TFS your family & their memories!


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