Friday, May 9, 2014

Retreat Project Review

As we prepare for the upcoming Club Scrap Retreat season, I still relish the great memories and Retreat Projects we enjoyed together last year!

"Is this really going to turn out?"
Bookbinding glue is the best!
Once the Desktop Organizer is assembled, there's a place for everything . . .

Desktop Organizer
The Magnetic Messenger is as useful as the desktop organizer, and it's available in two sizes . . . 12x12 and 8x8".

Magnetic Messenger Boards

Show off your favorite photos, organize coupons, write notes to the kids, and keep track of your grocery list with the fun messenger board.

The ever-useful Altered Composition Book was our Thursday evening workshop.

Altered Composition Notebook
Everyone at the office carries their little notebooks to weekly meetings. Mine is almost full of sketches, lists and notes.

And then there's the Clock Tower project. I made a small army few of them. It's a good thing they don't chime on the hour, or it would get a little loud around here.

2013 Retreat Clock Tower Project
There are three different sizes available.

All sizes include a clever cutapart that creates an accordion door, clock face and other tiny embellishments.

The black and white clocks are cool, but once you get your hands on some inks or acrylic paint, the creative time really starts ticking away.

Thanks for taking this walk with me down Retreat memory lane. If you haven't had the chance to participate in past Retreat workshops, keep in mind you'll receive printable instructions and a full how-to video with every project kit!

Plans are in full swing for another great batch of workshops at our upcoming Retreats. (There are a few final spots available in August. Are you in?)

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Thanks for the wonderful memories Kay!! Last years Retreat projects will be hard to top, they were all so AWESOME!! But I know how much creativity is brewing here at Club Scrap and don't doubt this years Retreat will be just as over the top and exciting!!
    I will be at August Retreat this year and can't wait to meet up with my good friends and make new ones too!! Sign up you won't be sorry you did :)

  2. Great memories, Kay,those were awesome projects and I keepon wonderering how you come up with new ones after so many years of all great projects. You all have some pretty awesome thinking hats!!

  3. All of the projects look wonderful! A retreat sounds like such a fun and wonderful crafty time. I really like your clock towers and I'm thinkin' I could use two, three or more of those organizers. I think that might mean I have too much stuff to organize - LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing all of these great projects.

  4. Been watching for the retreat in a box signups. Can't wait. RIAB 13 was my first one. Loved it, can't wait for this years. And of course counting down 2019, when I can finally go to a retreat.

  5. Those organizers were my all time favorite project!

  6. so much fun to see these again


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