Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Club Stamp Squared

The Dungarees Club Stamp Kit shipped yesterday, and I always get so excited about using the quad print included in the paper pack!

Dungarees Club Stamp Paper Pack with Quad Print 

Let's make some fun cards . . .

1. Cut a few rows of the text weight quad print into 1" squares. (Save the rest of the sheet for other decorative uses.)

2. Cut two Dungarees Garment Repair Tags and other coordinating scraps into 1" squares for added interest.

3. Cut a 4.5x6.5" Dark Blue panel and attach squares 1/4" from the outside edge.

4. Trim a 2x4" piece of Kraft plain and stamp with a sentiment; apply Sapphire ink to the outside edges.

5. Attach the Happy Birthday greeting with foam squares.

6. Oops, I almost forgot to add this! Tint the Dungarees Woven Clothing Tags with Sandstone Ink and attach just beneath the greeting.

7. If you've placed the tag string holes in a suitable position, tie the strings together. If not, remove strings. That was a happy coincidence for me!

8. Layer the decorated panel onto a 5x7" card.

Next, check out this fun white-washed card using squares for the base panel.

1. Fill a 4.5x6.5" Dark Blue panel with 1" squares.

2. Add water to thin acrylic paint and color-wash the panel with a foam brush.

3. Wipe away extra moisture.

4. Add acrylic paint wash to fibers or any other embellishments.

5. Stamp, matte and color-wash a sentiment. Allow to dry under a book or weight if squares pull up away from card matte.

6. Further embellish the panel with Club Stamp Buttons and Burlap String and layer onto a 5x7" card.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the Dungarees Club Stamp Kit!

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Fun stuff Kay! I think the white wash is my favorite. Oh, I love 'em both! I wish I didn't have to work today...

  2. That is wicked cool! I love the first card and how you tied the two tag tops together and the second is really fun as well. I've done this with pattern paper but I never thought to include things like the tag.

    Love it!!

  3. Such cool cards Kay!! Loving the faded look of the paint wash technique and the way you used the tag and tied the string in a bow for embellishment, totally COOL idea!

  4. Kay, TFS two more techniques for the Club Stamp kit. They both look fun and I especially like the white-wash technique. I can't wait to give both a try.

  5. Great ideas, as usual, Kay! I always love seeing what you come up with.

  6. Great great techniques! both cards are beautiful!

  7. Oh I like that white wash technique. Can't wait for my kit to get here!!!!

  8. Thanks so much, looking forward to when your kit is delivered also!!! Hope you enjoy it lots!


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