Thursday, June 26, 2014

Easy Digital Hybrid Cards, Part 2

In my last blog (CLICK HERE if you missed it), I showed you how to create a few simple hybrid cards using the Picnic Digital Kit. Truth be told, in the course of figuring out what those cards would look like, I printed out a few extra sheets of that paper, including one with the blue checkerboard background. Being the true hoarder crafter that I am, I kept those extra sheets and have been looking for a different way to use them..

Then, I saw Tricia's post - New Formulas for Picnic Papers - and I was inspired. Thanks, Tricia!

I took those extra backgrounds and cut some into 1" squares and punched some into 1" circles.

I arranged them on two card bases made from one sheet of the 8.5x11 Dark Green paper from the Club Stamp kit. They looked okay, but I felt something was missing. I thought about inking the edges, but then saw a piece of sand paper on my craft table and thought, "Hmmm, would that work?" You bet it did!
I'm sure you have some kind of sanding tool in your craft supplies - I have several!
I really like that shabby, sanded look and it's so easy to achieve with digital background paper that you make yourself! This technique will work with the printed text weight paper in the Club Stamp kit, but be careful - if you sand too hard, you'll go right through the paper. (Go ahead. Ask me how I know.) That white edge really makes the shapes pop on the dark card base.

I had a little extra space on the left card, but a 1/4" strip of green filled that nicely!
For the sentiments, I simply flipped a few pieces over and stamped on the white side. Yup, I actually stamped those, although you could print out the digital stamps and then cut or punch as needed.

So there you have it . . . two more quick and easy hybrid cards. I hope you'll give this a try.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Those are really cute Ron! I don't know why I don't think to print things more often from my digi kit and use them for cards etc. Sometimes it's nice to have that text weight paper like the roll out the candles card. After all the talk it took until you mentioned it right here for me to think "HEY! I CAN DO THAT!" Apparently I should drink more coffee before hitting the blog, usually it's the first thing I do in the morning when I get to work. :)

  2. Those are really cute cards Ron! TFS

  3. Very clever, Ron. Thanks for inspiring me to print out my digital papers more often.

  4. Ron I love this!! I was thinking how great Tricia's ideas would work with printed digital backgrounds!! Way to go.

  5. Thanks Ron, this is a nice digital/paper technique mix for me! Love it!

  6. Awesome, Ron! Love the sanding,great idea. I love hybrid ideas, for this I can do.

  7. I agree with Melissa. I don't know why I don't think to print stuff out of my digi kit more often either. Thanks for the great hybrid ideas. Keep them coming. With easy instructions. :)


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