Friday, June 8, 2012

Club Scrap's Charming Deal

It's not only on the 1st, 15th and 20th of the month that Club Scrap features new fun stuff available in the Gotta Have More Dept, it's also today!

New to the Gotta Have More! Dept. today:

It seems I can't get enough of the charms, brads, eyelets, buttons and other cool embellishments, so these  goodie bags are perfect for me, and they are another screamin' deal from CS!
First, about The Charming Goodie Bag, yes, it contains all this stuff, a LOT of stuff!!!
My prepetual calendar project needed sprucing up, so with having all these great embellishments at such a great price I knew I didn't have to be stingy.
I added charms to the metal clip that holds the pages onto the CD case....
and painted the wooden heart before rubber stamping with the Bon Appetit Art Nouveau Stamps
...and attached it into the page's nook I cut.
Because of this Charming Goodie Bag, the calendar looks really fun. I need to have a lot of embellishments in order to use them, otherwise I just save them and not use them, and with this Goodie bag I have a LOT to work with. There is no better deal out there I can promise you!

Now about the Brads, Buttons and Eyelets Oh My! Goodie bag, again, tons to work with :)

The picture above doesn't just show what you might get, this is what is actually packaged in those goodie bags, awesome deal! While riding my wave of inspiration, I had to whip up a birthday card. I grabbed my grid ruler and made a grid to put some of these fun embellishments into.
Then flowed up by placing different buttons, eyelets and brads into the spaces.
It's gonna be a fun card for our monthly BDay card swap! I just need to matte it onto a purple card.
Also, because of their generous size, some of the big brads are great for projects that one wouldn't normally use brads for. This little gift box was converted into something much more special using the large brads.
The big brads make great feet too.

I can't go without mentioning the bags of Micro Beads now available. They are transparent with that "aurora borealis" finish I love that adds a little irredescent color.
Perfect for that little touch filling tiny bottles, making shaker cards, using with Redline Tape!

Even more plentiful crafting options now available!

Thanks for stopping by Club Scrap Creates!
Kay Williamson of Club Scrap


  1. WOWZA!! I LOVE EMBELLIES! I just picked up a bag of Goodies and Brad/Buttons etc WOoohoo!
    Love all your fun little projects Kay. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just ordered a Charming Goodie Bag, too! Thanks for some amazing inspiration, Kay!!!!

  3. Kay, you are always overwhelmingly inspiring. Love the idea of those corduroy brads for feet. And that grid card with the doodads is a must-copy for sure.

  4. Oh what a great offer and such wonderful samples.....a MUST have!

  5. Do you have instructions or a kit for the calendar??

  6. About the calendar, it was actually a past (Sparkel 2007)Club Stamp Project, so we did have a kit in the past, sorry to say it's no longer available, but thinking still seeing it is inspiring. It's a clever idea using the CD clear case to house calendar pages, cetainly fun for all this enbellishing

  7. I just received my goodie bags! I am so happy I ordered two of each. There are so many amazing items in each one. thank you CS!

  8. I just received my goodie bags! I am so happy I ordered two of each. There are so many amazing items in each one. thank you CS!


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