Friday, November 2, 2012

Altered Panel Workshop

It's been great getting to share our Retreat Workshops this week! Yeah! So of course, I (Kay here) want to share my Altered Panel Workshop. I have several pictures willing to help tell the story.

Here is the accordion tucked inside the book cover.... (the accordion itself is almost 4' long when pulled out)
. . . and the closed book cover with the accordion neatly tucked inside.

It's so much fun rolling up your sleeves and altering the large hand constructed accordion. The accordion can stand on its own on a shelf or live inside the book cover, however you want to use it!

Part one of the workshop was spent constructing the nearly four-foot long accordion and slipcover. Part two was saved purely for painting, stenciling and rubber stamping on that very alterable accordion and book cover. We have two new stencils that were created just for decorating this project--the shapes stencil and the word/number stencil.

There are so many fun ways to use 'em!

Not only on the accordion, but on the inside book cover, too.

Once I had the acrylic paint and gesso out, I just didn't want to stop!

Now, more about decorating the accordion. . .

As if painting, adding black & white gesso, stenciling and rubber stamping wasn't enough, I also cut windows into one of my projects.

And decorated on both sides, of course!

I really enjoyed the creatvie process on this one.

The accordion doesn't have to be altered. It really looks cool when used just like scrapbook pages with photos, mattes and a few stickers, like this one below.

The front cover on this project is simply decorated with an orange marker and colored mist.

The workshop was so much fun and I feel extremely fortunate to have spent the retreat weekends with such wonderfully kind, creative people. Thanks so much to those of you that were able to attend and to those of you just getting the projects now!

Kay of Club Scrap


  1. This project was/is just awesome, I love to sit and fondle it - it is just SOOOOOO pretty. I love love love the collaged papers and the colors just POP on the pages! Thanks so much for such a fantastically marvelous retreat project!!!

  2. This one has to be my favorite because of the COOL collage paper you created! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
    You ROCK Kay!

  3. And no one can break an intricate project down into simple steps like Kay can! It went together so easily and is simply beautiful!

  4. Thanks so much, so glad you liked it! and creating that collage paper special for this project was fun, it ended up being very easy to use for wrapping the accordion since it doesn't really show errors or mistakes because of the random print nature.

    Sorry to say it's going out of stock already, darn it! Hoping we find a couple more, but it doesn't look good sorry to say :(

  5. Any chance you would be willing to publish the supplylist and instructions for those of us who missed it in the pro shop? Please, Pretty Please..... I don't normally whine but.... I was shopping and it must have gone out of stock while I was on line. I just love this book!

  6. I second Heidi O. in her request for the supply list and instructions. I *thought* I ordered this yesterday when I placed my pro shop order but it somehow never made it to checkout :( I ordered all the stencils however this beauty missed getting in my cart before it sold out! Ugh!

  7. So sorry for the frustration, will see if there is anything I can do - thanks for asking.

  8. Thanks for giving it a try...... I so appreciate that :)

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Just bought the Altered Book Project!


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