Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Feeling WOW'd

I'm really trying hard to kick the habit, but we're pretty acronym-happy around here. (Not as bad as the military, I hope!) WOW is an acronym for "Weekend of Workshops." It's like a mini retreat.

Kay and I will soon be in the studio filming the workshops for the upcoming Holiday WOW workshops to be launched on Friday, November 16, and we're so excited to share our project and techniques with you!

I'll be featuring the fifteen cards included in the "add-on" card making pack. This item can be added to your WOW Holiday collection and includes 15 cards, 45 panels, coordinating ribbon, and 15 envelopes. (The stamps are included in the WOW Holiday kit.) I always coordinate our holiday cards so that your 4x6 photos can be included in the envelope. We use the CS® digital WOW collection to create a family photo, and pop it into the envelope with the handmade card.

I've selected all kinds of techniques for the workshop.
I stole borrowed some of Kay's glitter glue.
And used those adorable teeny tiny cookie cutters.

Tried multi-colored ink techniques.
Verdigris embossing powder.

That fun triple panel technique.

And more!

You can create fifteen of the exact same card style to save a bunch of time, or you can make fifteen individual cards that I will help you design. I had a blast creating these samples! Hope you enjoy creating with me!

Yours with a "Wow!"


  1. Just ordered including card pack - thanks Tricia and Club Scrap! It is fabulous and fun - can't wait!

  2. I got the WOW ordered, now I'll go back and order the card kit......thanks bunches

  3. Tricia, if I used the cards with the two nested panels on the front and then ended up adding another piece of paper on the inside for text (the brown is a little dark) can you see if it ends up being too heavy for a single stamp? I would not be including a photo.


    1. Just put one on the scale, and it was only half an ounce. :) You should be good. In my samples, I put two panels on the card front, and one on the inside. But there is enough weight available for an additional inner panel if you want to use all three on the front.

  4. Tricia: Your cards are beautiful! And the papers in the WOW Holiday kit are stunning! Had to have it all! Marie

  5. Ordered mine and can't wait for everything to arrive! You guys are awesome!

  6. Thanks so much, that helps me decide ;)


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