Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Resolve to Make More Projects

Happy Thursday! Ron here with another installment of Club Scrap inspiration.

I don't know about you, but I've never been one to make a bunch of New Year's Resolutions. Oh, I've made an attempt now and then, but I don't have a good track record with following through. But this year, I read a thread on the CS Forum about crafting resolutions and I thought I might just give this one a try. So I hereby resolve to make more projects this year. you see, I really love projects - books, boxes, home decor, I love them all and I've got a hoard really nice collection of unfinished CS Projects to prove it!

To start off on fulfilling my resolution, I made the project from December's Bright Lights, Big City  - the Expanding Calendar Project this week. If you haven't made it yet, take some time (an hour or so is really all it took) and make one. Better yet, make 2 - one of the really cool things about this kit is that you get enough supplies to make not just one, but two calendars - one for you and one for a friend!

I really can't believe how quickly this project came together. Sorry I don't have step outs, but If you have the project, the instructions show you everything you need to know! I read the part about sanding and thought, "Ugh, I hate sanding!" but it really only took a couple of minutes. The longest part of the whole project was wanting for the paint to dry! And while I was doing that, I was able to cut up the calendar pieces, glue them to the tags and add the fibers! Seriously, plan for 90 minutes, but don't be surprised if you're done early!

And here's how it came out:

Not bad, huh? It's gonna look great on my desk at work. And the second one? Not sure yet - maybe it will sit on my desk at home or maybe I'll gift it.

I'm seriously gonna try to make at least 1 project a month (and blog about it!). Let's see how I do! Now it's your turn - go and create something wonderful!


  1. Ron, that's a great idea! I think I'm gonna resolve to make at least one project a month too, and post it in Farley's Project Thread on the CS forum. Don't forget to post yours there too. We need all the inspiration we can get!

  2. I am with you too Ron. Delightful project from you and happy new year.


  3. Ron, your project came out great! Love that they gave you two in the kit! And I too love the resolution of getting some projects done. One large project is getting my kits ALSB'd. Not exactly the same kind of project you are talking about but a project none the less. And BTW, when are we going to find some time for our RIAB crafty get together? ;)

    1. Oh Julie - we definitely need to get together! It's been way too long for sure! How's Feb 2 looking for you? Maybe Sharon can join us, too!

    2. Can't wait to get together, but Feb 2nd is Shannon's birthday so that wouldn't work for me. I will shoot you an email later :)

  4. I made 6 of the boxes for Share the love but still need to decorate them and make all the cards! I was hoping for Christmas but it looks like I will be aiming for Mother's Day or next Christmas. Good luck Ron - I hope you really get them all done!

  5. Love how your project turned out! I think I should resolve to make 1 project a month too.


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