Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monochromatic Overlay Stencil Technique

Wow, how's that for a totally knock-your-socks-off, gripping, attention-getting blog title? Well, folks, it is what it is. I'll break it down.

Monochromatic: I used one ink color. Club Scrap's® pretty Ocean.

Overlay Stencil: I'm featuring the Orient Express Overlay stencil. It has three parts, requiring you to move the stencil three times in order to produce layers of varying color or intensity.

Technique: It's not hard to do this, but I guess you could say that it's a technique. You need a little bit of practice, a CS® ink applicator, ink, and this totally rockin' overlay stencil.

I figure this would be a great time to break 'er down with this video. After viewing, I'm guessing you'll want to pick up a stencil or two, cuz it's stencil week at Club Scrap! (Read: All stencils on sale! Yay!)

Happy stenciling!


  1. So pretty and thanks for the video as well. It is like a mini visit or workshop with you.
    Cathy Gray

  2. Thanks for the new video! You have so many great videos for stencil techniques. It would be wonderful if someone from CS would write a blog with a link to all of them? Hint hint, pretty please?

  3. Love the new video! Thank you for more inspiration... guess it is time to dig out my stencils for a play.

  4. Such a beautiful card! Great technique!

  5. Lovely reminder of how much fun stencils are!

  6. Greg and I saw this last night when we were looking at our twitter feed! Very cool monochromatic technique. Haven't used this stencil and must take it out!

  7. Great reminder of an older stencil. I haven't used that one much either, but I need to!

  8. Very pretty! Makes me want to pull out (find?) my stencils!


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