Friday, June 21, 2013

Musical Hope Chest

Friday Greetings from Kay here at Club Scrap!

Yesterday was Hopes Club Stamp shipping day, so those of you receiving the Club Stamp Project will have it soon! So let's talk about the project, if you don't mind. It's a handmade box that opens like a mini Hope Chest should. I don't think I've done a box lid like this before, so it's a slightly different construction than past box projects and easy to put together! I love that! However, the really fun part of it all is that it's a Musical Hope Chest.

Here I am winding the music box mechanism now.
And opening the Musical Hope Chest.

Tricia installed the music box while we did step-out
photos for the step by step instructions.

Inside the box, there is room for a 3-1/2" square mini album or card.

Check out the cool hardware included in the kit! 
There will also be paperless kit available, too. I love that option. I made this one below with the Spring Chorus Club Stamp text weight printed paper and painted the provided hardware with white acrylic paint for a different look.

Another fun project to make for yourself or as a that perfect gift. Hope you enjoy it as much as did!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS Kay this is just the cutest little box and I love the way you crafted the lid. Both variations are wonderful.

  2. Hi Kay (waves) what does the music box play? Thanks!

  3. It's a variety of fun little music box tunes (so you can't go wrong if you ask me)....
    Tunes include: Let me call you sweetheart, In the good old summertime, The Waltz of the Flowers and Chopin Nocturne. There may also be a Fur Elise in there too!

  4. Cute - hmm - I am really not a project girl - love them but never actually make except at retreat but this is really awesome!!! I may just have to have it...

  5. What a wonderful project, love music boxes, thanks again Kay for a wonderful idea!

  6. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention about the upcoming Summer PSL (Pro Scrapbooking League) having Project Teams, so that'll be a fun new twist, and many of use will be getting lots of projects (like this music box) finished up! Gotta say I'm pretty excited about the PSL project teams :)

  7. What an awesome project with this kit, Kay. Absolutely a great project with all my favorite kits! now we should get a tune with every kit.

    PSL projects...sounds like a fun new part of PSL.

  8. wht a awesome project

  9. Love...can't wait to get my CS Stamp should be on my step any minute now.

  10. Thanks for another great project, Kay!


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