Thursday, October 31, 2013

Using Digital Templates

Happy Thursday & Happy Halloween!

I noticed a thread in the Club Scrap Forums this week about digital templates, so I thought I would take a few moments to review how to use them.

I’m using template #2 from the Lock & Key Digital Kit, along with the Bookshelves Digital Kit.

1. Re-save the Template with a new name so you don’t accidentally alter the original template file. You can use the original template again and again with different collections.

2. Drag in a new background and delete the white background layer of the template.

Tip: Holding the Shift key while you drag in a new background will automatically keep it centered on your new layout.

3. Drag in another background, just above the first one.

4. Select a layer to replace with the new background. I've chosen to replace the three light-grey squares with the red digital background.

5. Ctrl+Click (Windows) or Command+Click (Mac) on the thumbnail of the layer in the Layer Palette; you’ll see ‘matching ants’ around the elements in the layer.

6. Click on the background layer (added in step three) to make it active.

7. Select -> Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I in Windows, or ShiftCommand+I in Mac) and press the Delete key. You’ll remove all of the background except the selected elements.

8. Delete the template layer to reveal the new ‘paper layer.’

9. Repeat steps 3-8 for any ‘paper layers’ (mattes, etc.) you want to replace.

10. Use embellishments from the kit to replace the embellishment layers in the template. I've swapped out flowers and stems for the keys and different beads. This is your chance to get a little creative.

11. Add photos.

12. Add drop shadows and any other desired effects to finish your layout.

That’s it! You’ve recreated the layout with a different kit (or different papers and elements of the same kit). For variety, you can also rearrange the parts and pieces or rotate the layout at 90 or 180 degrees to create something entirely new.

The templates that come in each digital kit are made using the collection's Quick Drop Layouts. Here’s the same layout using the Lock & Key Digital Kit (and the same photos!):

I hope you’ll try using the templates that come in the digital kit. It’s a quick and easy way to create a layout without having to do any measuring or positioning.

See you next week!



  1. Aw, love this layout and the tutorial is perfect! I always wanted to know how best to use those template items. I think I need to give this a try. Another great tutorial Ron.

  2. I always wondered how to use those...thanks for the easy to follow instructions. I'll have to give this a try!

  3. Thanks Ron....always like to see your I just have to start getting back into my digi stuff

  4. Cool Ron
    It's so fun to be able to change out the papers.

  5. Interesting - I was taught to do most of that by clipping (making everything a clipping mask) this is different

    1. Carolyn, You can use clipping masks to get the same results, but clipping masks have been known to confuse some folks at times, so I took a different approach. But it's just another example of how you can accomplish the same things in more than one way in digital scrapping! Thanks for sharing!


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