Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Handmade Gift Idea: Boxed Journal Set

I hope you'll forgive me for today's rather simple post. Tomorrow starts our 2013 October Retreat, so I'm pretty busy working on a few final details before our guests arrive.

As usual, I've been stalking browsing Pinterest regularly. I really need to DO some of the things I've pinned, rather than just saving the ideas "for a rainy day". Well, today was a very rainy day, so I decided to try one of the 6,518 (gulp) items I have pinned.

I decided to tackle this boxed set of composition notebook journals I saw on Weekly Scrapper. I already had a few composition notebooks purchased at back to school time and the Pattern Basics papers made coordinating everything simple. It was an easy project with big impact.

Four composition notebooks with new Pattern Basics covers.
I wrapped the covers of the composition notebooks with Pattern Basics Neutral papers. From there, I just needed a box, so I grabbed a Lucky Charms box from my son the second he emptied it at breakfast. A few cuts with a craft knife, a quick wrap with the Neutral papers, and I had a cheap, perfectly-coordinated storage box.

A metal label holder attached with brads adds a nice finishing touch.

I hope this quickie project inspires you to create a few simple handmade gifts for the upcoming holidays.

Until next time,


  1. Karen!!! I love this and when I read that the container holding the journals was a cereal box I just about fell over!! AWESOME!! We are big cereal eaters in our house so this will not be a problem finding an empty box!! Fantastic post and another great way to use our Pattern Basics!

  2. Cute! I once used a totino's box to make a magazine file.

  3. Great idea! Wonder what would work to hold 12x12 paper?

    1. Club Scrap Pizza Box!!!

    2. Yes it is perfect, I have made tons of them!!! :)

  4. Great project and so functional! Love it!

  5. Love how sophisticated the composition books look with the Basics paper. Fortunately, I ordered that paper. Unfortunately, I just threw out my Cheerio's box, drat. I pinned this to keep it fresh in my mind for when I finish my new box of Cherrios!

  6. Great project.......will definitely be trying this.

  7. Love it! My newlywed (as of last Sat) daugher will be receiving this as a gift. Great idea!

  8. Karen...another great project. This perfectly matched set makes a great gift.

  9. Karen,
    What a nice gift! I'll have to check the stores for any left over composition boxes and be sure my DH doesnt' recycle the Cheerios box! LOL Thanks for posting a project I think I can do!

  10. OMG Karen is turning into Kay! LOL
    I love this project idea, covered composition books are great for journaling and I've done them in the past, but an easily created holder for them, TERRIFIC idea!


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