Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Upcycled Instructions

When Aspen Lite was released back in December, Tricia created her super-efficient instructions for the kit and I shared them on the blog HERE.

Tricia's layouts 1&2
Just for fun, I grabbed some papers from my stash and created another double page spread by duplicating the instructions from the layout above.

I set these assembled pages aside waiting for just the right pictures to come along. My husband and I took our daughter Shannon on a whale watch this summer and the photos were the perfect fit.

Don't be afraid to look into your stash and create unique pages using the plethora of assembly line instructions created by Tricia. The possibilities are endless!



  1. Interesting - I wasn't really digging that upcycle until you put the pictures on it - it is really a fantastic LO!! Really makes the water POP and I like how you incorporated the tickets!!

    1. Thanks Carolyn, the pages really do look better in real life. I just loved how the gold shimmery paper from Time and Space looked like sand when torn.

  2. Like your version of the upcycle, I think I'll try it. Maybe this should be a challenge to see what folks come up with.

  3. Great idea, Julie! A way to use papers that are leftovers from layouts or just extras. The photos do make it pop!

  4. Back in my former life as part owner of the LSS - I was trying to sell one of my partners on the beauty of ALSB. I took a random set of ALSB instructions and a bunch of Disney papers off the shelf and wallah, a stack of Disney pages ready for vacation photos. My partner still didn't appreciate the ALSB concept, but it had me totally sold! So you can definitely take any instructions and a stack of paper and create! Just like the idea decks. It's an infinite set of possibilities!

    Thanks for sharing Julie!

  5. Interesting use of Time&Space -- this layout also works well with Destination.


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