Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thousand Cranes for Hope Project

I remember meeting Tricia Morris, and being introduced to Club Scrap, on the set of the Carol Duvall Show. We both appeared as guests on the Home Shopping Network and Craft TV Weekly as we shared our passion for paper crafting. I was also honored to be a guest teacher (along with Tricia and other talented designers in the crafting world) on the Carol Duvall Cruise. These were the best times in the craft industry!

I still have the original cranes that inspired this project.
About the Thousand Cranes for Hope Project:
Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. During my course of treatment, I received a large box on my front porch that contained hundreds of folded cranes that well-wishers had folded for me. Each crane represented a prayer and a wish for my recovery, and it was a powerful message of joy for me in a difficult time. I have been in remission since that time. I am blessed to be living a productive and joyful life, and I want nothing more than to give back what was freely given to me.

I would like someone who is ill (or having very difficult time in life), to receive the gift of cranes, and to experience the joy of receiving them, just as I did. Receiving a thousand cranes is giving hope and healing to the receiver’s heart and I am asking the community of the world to help me do this.

The idea is to create a thousand cranes strung together as a stunning testament of hope and healing to present to someone.

How do we do this?  I am asking you to fold as many cranes as you can out of 6″ square paper and send them to a specific location, yet to be determined. You can use any paper that folds well: origami paper, magazine pages, gift wrap etc.

Once enough cranes have been received, the stringing process will begin.

If folding paper isn’t your thing, I ask that you create a piece of art incorporating a crane or a hope and healing theme. It can be done in any media you choose. The mixed media creations can be presented to even more recipients, therefore spreading hope and healing to even more people who need it! All I ask is that you photograph your project and post it on our Facebook page to share it with the group, if you plan to give it to someone you know who is in need. Otherwise you can mail your mixed media creations to this group’s address so that we can give it to someone on our list of recipients.

Mixed Media Artwork

 Please join me in this project!

About Karen:
Karen Elaine Thomas is the Creative Maven for Yasutomo and Company, an art materials importer and manufacturer. She was a frequent guest on the Carol Duvall Show, CraftTV Weekly, and the DIY Network, where she combined her experience as a fine artist with her passion for paper to create unique and distinctive techniques with a more traditional craft.

She is the author of several paper craft books, including Origami Card Craft published by Random House.

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  1. Hi Karen! So good to see you here as a guest blogger - love your Thousand Cranes for Hope Project - thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful and inspiring project! Thanks for sharing this very uplifting story with us.

  3. What a touching story and wonderful cause. I hope you get a good response from our CS members and blog readers...they really are the most talented and generous group of people I know!

  4. Would love to help. But how do you fold a crane??

  5. Crafty Girl - you can find a great video on how to fold a crane here:

  6. Thanks Ron - I haven't folded any cranes since I was kid playing at the dojo while my dad worked out! The owners Japanese wife did not speak English but she was really good at demonstrating origami! I definitely need the refresher!

  7. I have widened the scope of the project to include mixed media and greeting cards as well as folded cranes. I sent a card to a boy with brain cancer last week and I am hoping for more people to join me in sending him cards of encouragement. If you know someone who is ill or needs encouragement, please add that person to the list. Thank you Tricia for having me as a guest blogger! Karen


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