Friday, July 27, 2012

Craftalong Olympics Kick Off

Go for the gold! This is great timing for putting together any projects you may have in your stash, and craft along to the Olympics! Are you ready to set your project completion goal? Here is the Craftalong Olympics link in the Community Coffeehouse Chat, so be sure to visit and make your crafting pledge. I'm tellin' you now, having a goal is sure to help get your unfinished projects done! (Oh, if not for my strict monthly Club Scrap deadlines!)

While we are talking projects, this is one I've had in my stash for awhile . . . the Scroll Book.
So much more fun to have these made up!
I really enjoy having the same project in a couple different versions. It always seems like the second and third ones are easier to create--don't you agree?

I know I'm project hopping, but I had a couple of these made up before. It'll be fun to make more of the Memoirs Swatch Book project.
I'm hoping to get another made with the nook cut inside like the one shown above.

Did you put together your All The Jazz, Shadow-In-A-Box project?
I had so much fun with my variations.
Good luck reaching your crafting goals during this Craftalong Olymipcs time!
Go for the gold!

Thanks for stopping by,
Kay Williamson of Club Scrap


  1. simply AWESOME & inspiring crafting!! would love to see "your" samples from older CS projects too (ie 2007-2008), if you still have any (they make such great gifts!!).

  2. Thanks Kay, I am very excited about this challenge.
    Your projects are all some of my favorites!

  3. Thanks! Janie, I would love to show some of the old projects I have made, sometimes it's not so good if they are no longer in stock and I want to make more of that same project, but would still be fun to get pics from past projects.


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