Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Fever continues...

Happy Monday, everyone!

Now that the 2012 Summer Games are now fully under way, so are the Club Scrap Craftalong Olympics! We've had some folks take on the "Craftalong" challenge, and you can read all about it on our Coffeehouse Chat forum. Check it out HERE. Several gorgeous and inspiring projects are already on display. I just love seeing what others have created, don't you?

So, what, you may ask, is MY goal for the Craftalong Olympics? I have set a goal to complete three gifts I started a few weeks ago. My best friend's daughter got married last year in Las Vegas, and had a reception last summer to celebrate with friends and family. Her son just got married in a small, private ceremony on June 18. She sent me the photographs from both occasions asking if I could do "something cool" with them.

So, I came up with an awesome idea of how she could have photos from both wedding in albums, yet on display. I wanted the albums to be similar (you gotta do the "same" thing for each kid and keep things as equal or "fair" as possible, right?), yet different enough to represent the individuality of each couple. And, because I just happen to have full access to the photos, I thought I might as well make a photo keepsake for her son and his new wife, as my gift to them. So, that's 3 projects to finish before the end of the Olympics...whew!

Well, I'm happy to report that the photo keepsake for her son is completed, and I'm about half-way done with the 2 albums. I can't wait to take pictures of the projects and share them with you...but since these are gifts that haven't been given yet, I'll have to wait until after they are shipped.

So what projects do you have "in progress"? I'd love hear what you're working on!

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  1. Hi Karen, sounds like a very fun and challenging set of projects!
    Can't wait to see them.
    I am currently pledging 10 projects, already completed one, a paper flower necklace and want to tackle some of the Club Scrap kit projects that I have in my stash. Among them are a the Love Blooms Love in a Box, Retreat 2011 Frame it Up, and a 12x12 Album. Lots of others too. :)


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