Friday, December 7, 2012

Checkin' Out the Nekkid Variations

Creative Greetings from Kay here at Club Scrap!

As some of you know, Club Scrap often creates paperless project kits. So, we can all have the cut-to-size book board, matte board, and other needed components, but use our own favorite papers to finish off the project. Basically it's a paperless/naked project kit. Of course I think this is a really exciting option. Just recently in GHM is the Nekkid WOW Holiday Keepsakes Book Project, the Nekkid Retreat Altered Panel Book, and the Nekkid Retreat Letters On The Wall Projects.
Here is my naked (well, no longer naked now) WOW Holiday Keepsakes Project done up in old dictionary papers on the outside cover, and black cardstock from my own stash for the inside accordion.

Just like the WOW Holiday Keepsakes Project that includes the coordinating papers in that big beautiful WOW Holiday shipment, I had so much fun decorating this project.

Hoping you are also enjoying the nekkid project variations as much as I am!!

Wishing you happy crafting!
Kay from Club Scrap


  1. I really love the way Club Scrap allows our own creativity to shine with the nekkid components offerings in GHM! Kay, your version of the WOW project is fantastic. :)

  2. Awesome take on this project (as usual) Kay! I just love book pages as art. Those "Nekid" project kits are such a great way to make an already incredible Club Scrap project reflect your personal style.

  3. This is super! I must pick this one up!

  4. this is such a great project.
    so pretty


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