Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa's Belt Gift Card Holder

Hey, Holiday Crafters!

Planning to give some gift cards this year? As a paper crafter, if you plan to give them, thou shalt not use a lame, white, undecorated envelope! Heavens, no!

I was "Pinspired" one day and adapted a cute gift card holder project into a new cutting formula. The "belly band" that holds it all together reminded me of Santa's belt and was the inspiration for my color choices. But you could certainly take this in any direction, depending on the season.

You'll need:
8.5x11 Red
8.5x11 White
8.5x11 Black
2012 WOW Holiday Rubber Stamps
12" Paper Trimmer
CS® Grid Ruler, Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Scoring Tool and Bone Folder
Cutting Direction-following Skills
Gift Card

1. Trim each 8.5x11 vertically at 8, 7 and 4.25".

2. Cut each 2.75x11 horizontally at 10.75, 9.75, 8.5, 6, and 3.5".

3. Trim each 1.25x2.75 horizontally at 1.5".

4. Trim each 1x2.75 horizontally at 1.75".

5. Cut each 1x11 and .5x11 horizontally at 8". (Wowza. That's a big 'ole pile of pieces! Any piece marked with an "x" in the diagram will not be used.)

6. Score each 4.25x11 vertically at 3.25". Rotate the pieces horizontally with the score at the top. Score at 4 and 8".

7. Use a ruler, craft knife and cutting mat to remove the 1x7" scored area from each piece, as indicated on the diagram. Fold up the 1" flap and secure with narrow tape to create a pocket.

8. Interchange the paper colors, and nest the 2.75x3.5 and 2.5x2.5" mattes onto the card holder.

9. Nest the .5x8 strip onto the 1x8" strip and adhere at just one end. (If you secure the other ends before wrapping the band around the gift card holder, the band will not fit properly.)

10. Wrap the nested band around the card holder to create the "belt" and secure at the other end. Position the pre-secured end of the band at front and center so that the seam will be covered.

11. Nest the 1x1" square onto the 1.25x1.25" square and place on the seam of the belt. Interchange the colors as you like!

Not giving gift cards for Christmas? Check out these other styles:

This one was created with Navajo Greeting and Love Blooms Unmounted Stamps:

And this one uses Uncorked and Retreat 2012 unmounted stamps, plus a nifty Equestrian Letterpress Block.

Happy holiday (and multi-occasion) gift card giving!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! This is just about the cutest gift card holder ever!! Love it Tricia!

  2. Love seeing how different they look! You are so creative, Tricia! Thanks for passing this on and showing how different they can look with C.S. papers. Defintiely making a few of these!

  3. I am of to make 15 of these right now!

  4. How clever! I'm on these right away.

  5. How clever! I'm going to make these right away. I'd love to win. sakortan@gmail.com


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