Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love Bites. Love Cards.

You likely already know about the fun "Love Bites" unmounted stamp set we released in honor of Single Awareness Day. Er, Valentine's Day.

It's a fun set that you can use all year, just to bring a smile to someone's face. The card making pack we created for the set creates a dozen super-fun greetings. How 'bout a tour?

The easel card format is pretty trendy right now. And yes, sometimes those we love can be annoying. It's okay to point that out every once in a while.

Need we say more, craft supply lovers?

Even grown ups enjoy coloring now 'n then. (Or is it just me?) I simply filled in the bottom of each heart with watercolor pencils and blended upward with a water brush.

Yes, more coloring. I love it! This time, just color around the perimeter of the hearts and blend inward.

Emily thought this would be fun for her girlfriends at school.

Understated in simple black ink. But I love this look. It doesn't have to be complicated OR time consuming, right?
I used those fab Faber-Castell Gelatos on the heart trio and stamped over the top once dry. Yummy.

I think this card is my favorite. If you've gotten this far into the blog, and you've actually been reading it, I've gotta share this story. Do you notice anything wrong with this card? Look closely at the greeting. It actually says "Lappy Valentine's Day". Somehow during the plate-making process, the "h" was dropped from the "Happy". I never even noticed it and used my production sample of the rubber to make these cards! Rita walked by the cards on display and noticed it right away. (Yay, Rita!) We made the call to "stop the presses"!!!! Luckily, they hadn't started pressing the rubber, so we made a brand new plate and tried again.

Lappy Valentine's Day!!

Here, I just stamped the hearts with watercolors and added a hand-drawn outline with a fine tipped black pen.

The Love Bites set comes with an instruction download that gives you more specific details on how to make the cards you've seen here. Whether you're celebrating singleness, fabulous friendships or the love of your life, make it a great day! You've got 12 days left to get those cards made and delivered! 



  1. Tricia, great cards and thanks for the funny story about the stamps! Cannot wait for my kit and stamp sheet to arrive! Lappy Valentine's Day!

  2. Love them all Tricia! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Darling cards! Love the story about the stamps.

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