Friday, February 1, 2013

Revisiting Masking

Creative Friday greetings to you!
Masking is one of my favorite techniques when using Club Scrap Unmounted Rubber Stamps!

Since we're talkin' stamping techniques this week, thought I would revisit this card I made with Club Scrap's Postcards To Paris Unmounted Stamp sheet.

For anyone new to rubber stamping, masking is simply a way to keep areas of your card panel free and clean from other stamping. This rectangular Eiffel Towel image was easy to stamp onto a scrap and trim out with a scissors, creating the mask. Then I placed it onto the same stamped image on my card panel and continued to stamp around it.

Time to add some color, and continue using the masking technique.

After trimming out an L-shaped mask, I covered the area outside of the rectangle and sponged Club Scrap Topaz and Sapphire Inks with the foam applicator, moving the mask as I made my way around.

While masking off the inside rectangular area, I added Earth Ink around
 the rectangular image.

Here it is, the finished card. I think "masking" is one of my favorite stamping techniques!

As always, thanks for stopping to look!


  1. I think masking may be one of my very favorite techniques. Love this artwork Kay! Just love how much dimension just a little masking can create.

  2. Kay, your work using this technique has always inspired me! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Such a beautiful card! You made me click through from reader to comment! Thanks for the inispiration, Kay.

  4. Ok I'm in stamp love here, I think I have those stamps...hmmm...must be crafty this weekend!!!

  5. LOVE this card! Must make for my niece who's in Paris for the year.

  6. Just about everything I know about masking I learned from you guys at Club Scrap! Thanks! It is definitely a mysterious and cool look.

  7. I must do more of this! Thanks for the refresher on this fabulous technique!


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