Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scrapbooking for All Seasons

When I'm talking to someone who is new to Club Scrap, I often sense a bit of fear regarding the ability to use our themed collections with the photos they have on hand.

As a rule, I focus on the color/feel of a collection rather than the theme. I remember a specific moment after releasing the Tahiti kit last March. A potential member dismissed it as a possibility for her pictures from a recent trip to Hawaii because the name of the collection was Tahiti. I'm like . . . you just went to Hawaii? This kit is perfect! Perfect!

So . . . we just released a fun re-mix of the Fossils collection. It's one of my all-time faves--and not because I've done a recent archeological dig. It's just so neutral and all-purpose! It's perfect for outdoor photos, adventure photos, boy photos, girl photos, cookout photos . . . well, you get the idea.

Check out the different ways I've used the brand new kit . . .

Birthday party with great friends, the Gunderson's.

Ziplining and repelling in Puerta Vallarta.

Kept going with the Puerta Vallarta Adventure. Mule ride added. ;)

Father's day backyard barbecue. Check out the Wisconsin brats! Smokin'.

A day in the bay with friends and family.
The cool part about this new collection is that it can reflect any adventure, any season, any event. Give 'er a try!

After creating the spreads according to the instructions designed just for the kit, I was able to complete all 10 pages within less than an hour! No fossilized photos here!

Seasonally Yours,


  1. Great Textures in that kit! Nice.
    Beth Moran

  2. Fossils was my first kit (bought at expo and sucked me in) and I have such a soft spot for it. NEED THIS REMIX!! THANK YOU CS!!

  3. WOOHOO! Have to have this one!! Thanks!
    Fantastic layouts!!

  4. Love the texture of the stamps and papers in this kit!

  5. So glad you did a remix of this one!

  6. Lucy - this was my first kit, too!! I remember being on the Yahoo group, and the uproar that the large fish caused. I see that was not reproduced in this remix... :) I have been hoarding that paper, and have a few carefully saved sheets left from the original kit. So versatile, so pretty, so wonderful! Thanks for re-releasing my first kit. You always remember your first. ;)

  7. love the page layouts for this kit

  8. I like this lots! And there's another hit on the checking account! :)


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