Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Scrapbooking Tips

First, I want to start out by saying that I don't have an art degree. I was a piano performance major. However, I've been blessed to be surrounded by lots of talent and have picked up a few great tips along the way.

I thought it would be cool to pass along what I've gleaned, just in case you might find it helpful.

1. No need to waste adhesive.
When I'm teaching a workshop, I'm amazed by the variety and sheer amount of adhesive that some folks use. I find that I use many different types of adhesive depending on the job. (I could do a blog or two about that!) But one thing is certain, you typically do not need adhesive around the entire perimeter of every layer on your project. I just put a 1/2" piece in each corner. If the piece is larger, I might add a bonus square at the center of each outside edge. My pages hold together just fine. And if I change my mind about placement, it's a little easier to make a move. Plus, take the money you'll save on tape runner and invest in a Club Scrap membership. Just sayin'.

2. Drop an anchor.
Elements on a page seem well-placed when anchored with something like a border strip or ribbon. Anchors make me happy. Stuff floating around aimlessly makes me sad. Notice the Burgundy strip on the right side of this page giving that photo matte and caption element a happy home? The strip on the upper left page also anchors the embellishment. Anchor your embellies, too! Avoid having lone brads floating around with no place to call home. Nothing worse than a sad 'n lonely brad.

3. Safety in groups.
Three makes a nice number in two different spots on this double page spread. Think of the two largest photo mattes as a spot for your "main characters" of the page, and the smaller groupings as a home for the "supporting cast members." The sets of three smaller photos will serve as a great opportunity to complement the two larger feature photos.

4. Maintain streets and avenues.
Think of the vertical/horizontal spaces between your photos as streets and avenues. I try to maintain equal space on my roads. For example, rather than placing your page elements flush with the outside edge of your base paper, group them together toward the center of the page with about 1/8" space between them. You can see that happening on the left side of this page. Each item is separated by the same amount of space, and it gives the elements a grouped feeling. If those same pieces were shoved to the outside edges, I might cry a little.

5. Beware of dangerous intersections.
Sticking to the streets 'n avenues concept, I try to avoid what would be a "four-way intersection" where the corners of four elements meet in the same spot. I typically move the page elements around until it "feels right" to me. Notice the mattes on the right side of this page . . . you see a lot of "T" intersections rather than the dreaded four-way. I really hope that makes sense. If not, just ignore me.

If you lack a little confidence in this area, enter Assembly Line Scrapbooking. A lot of consideration is given to happy placement of your page elements. You can follow along with the instructions and know that you've been pointed in the right direction! There really is a rhyme and reason behind those carefully constructed layouts! Remember, page assembly instructions are included with each of our monthly kits and all special edition collections, so you can't go wrong.

The sample pages shown above are from our brand new Bookshelves collection. Join and get your kit delivered before it's gone!

I leave you with a scrapbooking blessing. . .
May your pages be blessed with anchors, groups, streets, avenues, and T intersections.

Creatively yours!


  1. Love your tips Tricia!! Was a former club member and loved all of your kits. Financially can't do it right now but look forward to the day I can afford your kits again, they are amazing and so easy to do! Makes life scrapping so much easier!

  2. great tips Thanks for sharing

  3. What wonderful tips Tricia!
    I myself have learned so much over the years from Club Scrap as far as page design and to me that has been one of the greatest gifts I have gotten from being a member! Thanks for all you have taught me!

  4. Awesome - this is a great blog entry and definitely being printed. Thank you so much.


  5. Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought consciously about them, i.e., avoiding 4-way intersections because the elements were harder to line up. Bee

  6. guilty as charged on the adhesive violation. The layout rules of the road are very helpful!

  7. A half inch of adhesive???!!! Wow, I gotta try that! Although I am not guilty of the all-the-way-around adhesive violation, I do use waaaaay more than a half inch. Let's consider this cut-back a SCRAPBOOK SEQUESTRATION. LOL! And I agree with Julie about having learned so much about page design from the CS ALSB LOs! CS has an AMAZING design team! Thanks for the tips, Tricia!

  8. Another one who is guilty of the the adhesive violation. But in my defense I have to say that I have many pages from my early scrapping days where all of the elements have fallen to the bottom of the page protector because the adhesive I used hasn't lasted. I'll try to do better in the future.

  9. short, concise and VERY well written! AND demonstrated with your example photos!! THANKS tricia :-)

  10. Fun! I love the way you put things! I think I do most of this instinctively (although I do have quite a few years of art and architectural classes under my belt.) It's always good to be reminded of what makes a LO easy on the eyes! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the tips on adhesive and anchoring. Sometimes I look at a layout and can't figure out why it doesn't look right. I sometimes add a top or bottom border but didn't have a name for it! I will do that more intentionally now! And your ALSBs are amazing. I've done 51 layouts in three weeks using your ideas. I did 4 layouts for all of last year!

    I always thought you and Dinah were graphic designers before you started Club Scrap. You may say you aren't an artist but you are!

  12. I agree with Toni about the adhesive, I use way more than 1/2 inch but I'm going to try really hard to cut back because what you say makes sense.

  13. Rita - I'm so glad that you've surrounded yourself with such a talented group - but it takes talent to recognize it too.

    I have to admit, I'm one of the adhesive "nuts". It comes from early layouts lying in pieces (good thing they are at least in page protectors). I did learn one thing about adhesives - it's not how much, but what. I learned about the Scotch ATG here on the board and thought why did I resist for so long. I didn't think I could handle that huge applicator thingy, but it really isn't hard and the tape - that's great. Now I just have to remind myself that half of that is going to hold better than twice as much of the other (shall be nameless brand).

  14. Such great and helpful tips, Tricia!

  15. Thanks for the tips Tricia!! They all make great sense and make for happy pages!!
    Kathy Weiland

  16. Tricia,
    You make a great teacher. Thank you for sharing these insights gleaned from your vast experience.


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