Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mini Maze Book--Free Printable!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is a day of "firsts" for me. Today is my first time playing with a "printable" and my first time photographing a mini tutorial to share with you (so I hope you'll go easy on this newbie!)

I'm really excited to share this Mini Maze Book with you. The Maze Book we included in the Bookshelves Club Scrap Lite kit was such a hit that Jac created this mini version that you can print at home...for FREE. It's designed to print on 8.5x11 you don't need anything special to play!

Working with this printable couldn't be easier. Simply download the free pdf file, print it out on your color printer, and follow the instructions included right on the printable. (I printed mine at home on my inkjet onto lightweight cardstock.)

I'm okay at following written instructions, but I'm much more of a "visual" person, so here are some pics for my fellow "visual" peeps, because pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

Added a bit 'o ribbon and inked all the edges.
This printable was created as a way to introduce the masses to a little taste of what Club Scrap has to offer, so feel free to share away. In fact, we'd love it if you'd Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, share it on Pinterest, and, for that matter, just go ahead and email it to all of your friends!

To grab your free printable: 

Have a creative day,


  1. How fun!!
    I'm going to post a link to my facebook page.

  2. Thank you, printed and ready to go!
    Fun little project.

  3. You don't look like a newbie at all! Kay's skills probably rubbed off on you, Karen. That is super-cute!

  4. Oh what a cute little thing that is!!

  5. What fun! Thanks so much and I have it printed and ready to make!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this lovely mini book.

  7. I"m a visual kind of gal also, so your photos are a great help. Thanks for this fun little project.

  8. Supercute, Karen, Jac, and the rest of y'all! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you so much for this - will be experimenting with this very soon.


  10. You did well and look like a seasoned pro. Thanks to you and Jac for the mini-mini. What a cute little "extra" to add to a gift for someone. There's always room for a mini-mini, isn't there?

  11. What a great project!! Lovely!

    greatings from germany, die hippe

  12. Thank you so much for this book. I love it!


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