Friday, March 22, 2013

A Bunch Of Paper In Stitches

Friday Greetings from Kay here at Club Scrap!

While walking through the Club Scrap warehouse this week, I stumbled onto this Study in Red Paper Bundle. It's a lot of paper at an amazing deal, so I thought to myself, "I should be using this!" And this kettle stitched Study In Red mini album was born.

There are different sizes of paper in this big bundle and plenty of each size to work with, so I scored and pierced stitching holes in three sizes. In the picture below, you can see how I clipped same-sized groups of papers together to help me get organized. I also made Z-shaped pages to serve as connectors.

Next, I unleashed the stitching bonanza! I first stitched the same-sized pages together and then added the Z-folded connectors. If you've never stitched a book, it's not very difficult. Check out Tricia's technique video to see how it's done.

It's probably a better idea to add the supportive paper strips in the binding while stitching. But no . . . I had to do it the hard way and wait until after the stitching was done! I used my handy wiggling technique and guided the support strips beneath the stitches with a needle. (Speaking of support, this is sort of like putting on a bra while wearing a shirt. Wiggling technique works there, too.)

What a fun handmade album! I like the repetition of the same colors throughout the project, so even though I have different sized pages, the consistent color scheme makes it all work.

Go get your own big bundle and make one, too. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh Kay, this brings back such great memories. The first monthly kit I ever received was Study in Red! Love your books and I ran right over to get my Red Paper Bundle from GHM! Thanks for always posting such eye catching and inspiring projects. :)

  2. I've been using one of those bundles for all sorts of things, they are also great for those easy glued note pads and were great for Valentines and also some party invitations I made!

  3. That thing is crazy!!! I have a few of that bundle>

  4. Kay, you are such a genius! I'm so glad we're friends, because if we weren't, I'd HAVE to hate you. ;)

  5. Thanks a bundle!!!!! It's so much fun when we all like these fun projects, soooooo happy I'm hangin' out with the right people!

  6. So cute and I love these little books. Also I still have quite a lot of the luscious study in red paper so what a grand idea! thank you so much Kay.


  7. You are such an enabler -- LOL -- yep I ordered not 1 but 3 of the red bundles and of course you cannot waste shipping costs and had to order some of the other great sale items ...

  8. So cute. SIR is one of my absolute favorite kits. Love this.

  9. Beautiful...Karen is are an enabler and I guess I better get on it and order this kit!


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