Friday, April 12, 2013

It's April Lite Spoiler time!

Monday is April 15th. Do you know what that means?  
Yeah, income taxes are due, BUT most importantly, it's Club Scrap Lite shipping day!

Here are a couple of peeks at the upcoming kit shipping to Club Scrap Lite members on Monday.

Tricia has a great set of eight completed pages ready to go into the online Scrap Rap, and we'll have a couple of new Club Scrap Lite articles for sharing there, as well.

Don't forget how easy it is to become a Club Scrap Lite Member (if you aren't already)! It truly is such a great value.

The boxes are packed and ready to go out the door. Hope you love it!

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. LOVE the goodie!! Love what you all have done inking it up!! I just really love everything!

    Can you tell? LOL

  2. Love it - guess I will need to add Lite this month!

  3. So,'re just gonna give away ALL of the secrets? LOL Can't wait for Monday!

  4. pretty things in there!!

  5. Karen,
    In case you didn't notice, we members like when Kay gives away the secrets. ;-)

  6. Very pretty kit and of course I have to have the stencil! Thank you for the spoiler



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