Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stencil Technique with Gesso, Ink and Gelato!

The warehouse was buzzing yesterday with the latest Club Scrap Lite kit heading out the door, and inside those sweet little pizza boxes is another fabulous stencil.

When putting together the ALSB pages for the month, I thought it would be splendid to add some of the fern images to the Dark Blue paper, but figured I'd have to find a way to make the ink pop. Enter: Gesso. It's the gesso we made together in the "Creative Concoctions Workshop" at the 2012 Retreat. Fun stuff!

Honestly, I'm a little wiped out from writing LOTS of instructions lately, so I'm going to take the more visual route to expand upon the technique article included in the latest edition of the Scrap Rap Magazine (see page 11). Kay and I snuck back into the studio again with the camera and let 'er go.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

And a look at the finished layout:

If you need some supplies, here are a few quick links:
Club Scrap Lite Kit
Peridot Ink
Ink Applicator
Spring Chorus Unmounted Stamps

Thanks for stopping by . . .

Editor's note: links removed for Spring Chorus Stencil due to unavailability 6/13/13 jmh**


  1. I just love this page, so many awesome details and the video is perfect! Thanks for sharing your process Tricia!!

  2. This is great fun!! Guess I am going to have to make some more gesso. I had to be different and made PURPLE gesso at retreat! BWT - like the new intro music.

  3. Fabulous techniques and page. Love it.

  4. very cool Tricia, love the page!

  5. Can't wait to get my kit! And I still need to mix my RIAB gesso~ better get to it!

  6. what a fun page, tricia! so many techniques, love it! love using that gesso we made - smells like baby powder. :)

  7. Looks like a neat technique and one that I want to try. Since I don't have gesso, would white acrylic craft paint work instead?

    Also, for those of us that are new and couldn't have attended retreat would it be possible to find out how to make the gesso?


    1. Hi, Colleen! Yes . . . white acrylic paint will also work well with this technique. The gesso is fun to make. We have a set of recipe cards available for all of the "concoctions" we made during the weekend, including alcohol ink, colored mist, gesso, stamp cleaner, etc. Here is the link: https://shop.clubscrap.com/creative-concoctions-recipe-cards-p12350.php

  8. Love techniques like this one - thank you so much.


  9. What a beautiful technique. Since I elected to "wait" for my Lite Kit :-(, I'll have to try this with a different stencil.


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