Thursday, May 2, 2013

You’re Sure to Fall in Love with Old Cape Cod Digital

Growing up in Southeastern Massachusetts, I remember listening to a song by Patti Page (who some of you are probably too young to remember!) called “Old Cape Cod.” There’s a line in the song that says “…if you spend an evening, you’ll want to stay, watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay; you’re sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.”

Recently, I spent an evening with Cape Cod - the digital version by Club Scrap, that is - and yep, I fell in love with it. And I’m sure you will, too!

When I first saw some of the artwork a few weeks ago, I immediately knew that it would be a winner! I told Jacqueline Carney (our über-talented designer here at Club Scrap) that “…I’ve loved many a CS kit, but this baby is a masterpiece!!!”

So I decided to take the Quick Drop Digital Layouts (QDDLs) and show you a little bit of what’s possible with this kit:

First up, the requisite beach/water scenes. As soon as I saw this kit, I knew I had to scrap these photos!

This next QDDL is perfect for Summer-y party photos, right?

Despite the nautical theme, these photos from Disney World look great on this layout…

Okay, another beach/water photo, but this is Jac in Mexico (we don’t have many palm trees in New England, after all!), but this kit can look so bright and airy, that it works:

And the blues in this kit just cry out for a Winter photo, don’cha think?

Finally, a couple of cool family shots (Jac’s daughter and grandson) to round out this look at the complete versatility of this amazing kit!

There’s a quick look at a little bit of what you can do with Cape Cod! Got beach photos? Sure, they’ll work. Don’t go to the beach? Afraid of the water? Doesn’t matter - this kit will work with just about any photo you’ve got. And if you use the QDDLS, you can whip up 6 layouts in just a few minutes - really - 'cuz we've done all the work for ya! Just add your photo(s) under the QDDL layer so that they show through the 'photo holes,' add a bit of journaling if ya want, and you're done! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (as Jac would say)!

Why don’t you just head on over to the digital store and pick up your very own Cape Cod Digital Kit? Better yet, get a digital membership and experience the beauty of Club Scrap's digital kits every month. Then create something wonderful.



  1. Geez - I have been avoiding but I think I might just have to get the digi!!

  2. This kit looks amazing and all of your layouts are just fabulous!!!

  3. You know it Ron! All the layouts just goes to show folks it doesn't have to match the theme! Way to go! And Jac, AMAZING Artwork!! As I said before and will say it again, Jac brought Cape Cod to life in this kit! WONDERFUL!

  4. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry col pages - great kit and very versatile.


  5. This kit is a CS classic! Love the artwork and your layouts are BEAUTIFUL, Ron.

  6. WOW...simply wonderful Ron!
    I love this kit, and the digi version is fantabulous!


  7. Great layouts, Ron! Have you aleady 'sprained how to use those digi overlays? I can't figure them out.

  8. That was supposed to say 'splained

    1. Hi Jen - you've just given me a topic idea for next week's blog! Stay Tuned!!!!

  9. Nice pages! Talent run amuck. Thanks

  10. Ron, Your pages are absolutely beautiful! You're really trying to get me to try digital!! I love the cut up pictures and the staples that look like I could pick them off of the paper and break my fingernails. :-)


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