Friday, May 10, 2013

WOW, What A Project!

Greetings Club Scrap Creates Bloggers!
It's a chilly 39 degrees here in Greenville, Wi. but I'm still thinking about our WOW Spring 2013 Collection! If fact I'm keeping warm by decorating my Photo Easel Components project here.

The complete Photo Easel Project is included in the big box of awesome "stuff" that comes with the WOW Spring Collection, here it is made-up with the included  papers & photo mattes etc....

...and it's also available as a Components Only paperless kit (at a really good deal I must add).

I used an old road map to cover this Photo Easel.

Since the nook (that gets cut from the easel pages) allows for something dimensional, I Glue-Lined this compass into that location on one side.

On the other side, I made a little shadow box by cutting the 2x2 included matte board into 1/2" strips.

Then glued them onto my easel in the proper location and covered with more road map scraps.

Then the photos came out and I got the pages put together. I plan to use this Photo Easel for trips & travel we've done, hey - I'll put a trip to the grocery store on my Photo Easel if I happen to have a cute snapshot from the day LOL.

I'll really enjoy having this project sitting on the desk where friends and family can easily page through.

As always, thanks for stopping by Club Scrap Creates!
Kay here at Club Scrap


  1. Just so ya know, I did think about doing a Cape Cod Lite spoiler today...but it's shipping day isn't until next Wednesday, so thinking it's just too far off yet to be lettin the cat outta the bag again ;)

  2. Kay, what a wonderful project! And it is never too late to let the cat out of the bag! LOL
    I still haven't even touched my WOW Spring Box of goodies. This makes me want to dive right in, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the finished project! I have a bare kit too and I might have to follow your line. I did think about using a road map too.

    1. What can I say...great minds think alike heheeee

  4. Great project, Kay! I can also see this as a photo recipe booklet for a gift. I just love how you use all these cute elements!! The compass. key etc.

  5. Kay, would love to see all of your finished pages for this project in the CS Galleria. I hope to get some inspiration for decorating the pages. Thanks!

  6. I just love your variations, Kay. Fabulous. (And if you get the kit, you get to take the workshop with Kay, too!)

    1. Thanks, this is really a fun project with lots of possibilities! Like you mentioned, pdf instuctions & an online video are included.

  7. I do really love the variations!


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